Help Me Choose a Coach :-)

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  1. Hi All!

    I'm new here and was hoping you could help me out. I recently sent my Coach Carly back for repair and was given a credit for the bag and now I need to find a new bag to replace it! I'm really liking the Leather Sabrina, but I'm not sure if it would be too slouchy. Generally I like bags that have a hard bottom and are kind of stiff, but I'm open to different options. My price range is about $350. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have been to a Coach store in months! Thanks!
  2. Do you have access to an outlet? If not, the new heritage stripe tote is lovely. $298 and you could get a fob too!

  3. What about a large zoe? Same kinda sloutch and awesome colour selection! Same size as the large carly too
  4. If you like the Sabrina but want a more structured bottom, I saw a post recently where someone was putting a magazine in the bottom of their bag to keep the shape. It beats buying an LV shaper off ebay for $20.
  5. I agree with the Heritage Stripe suggestion, I love that color combo posted above! Or maybe one of the Penelope shoppers?
  6. If you are near an outlet, I'd suggest a madeline. That's the first bag I think of when I think of hard bottom and stiff (side note, the second would be uh...never mind. LOL Sorry. Mind in gutter)

    Back to topic... In store, the penelope shoppers are good choices, not sure if you like pebbled leather though. That kinda bugs me about the penelope shoppers. Or the heritage stripe stuff (the zip satchel is a nice size, the xl dome is even cuter!) Lately, the styles have been leaning towards smooshy.
  7. This is an awesome suggestion! You could get a pretty scarf too!
  8. Agree with madeline if you are near an outlet. Mine had purple and blue in all leather but it comes in sig too!
  9. ^^ How much were those Maddies?
  10. I love this combo too:tup:
  11. #11 Jan 27, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2009
    *racks brain* I think the maddies were 179.99 and then 50% off... I could be wrong, I looked at so much. They were so pretty and pastel, I wish I wore pastels!

    *edit* I think I am wrong because what I bought was that much. I could call and ask tomorrow. I seriously have nothing better to do. HAHA.
  12. i want this bag so much. i just love this style of bag in the first place but the colors are gorgeous!

    an outlet would be a fantastic place to start. i got my first bag at the outlet for $80! retail at $300. you can find so much good stuff