Help me choose a clutch...

  1. I have a party to go to in late November. It is wear tuxes, women gowns. I need a clutch to take along. It has to be something that can look good at a dressy event, but can also be used casually for nights out. I do not have a dress yet, but it will most likely be black - because that is the color that looks best with Corgi hairs, lol.

    I also will be wearing white metals.

    Do you think a Marin is too big? Is the Mave better? I saw a silver one at NM. They also have a pre-order for a shimmer champagne calf :heart:. I would prefer leather to fabric or satin. What options would work? :confused1:

    Please let the opinions fly! Thanks.
  2. What about the Kaaren Clutch in mercury? Too dressy?
  3. ^ what does that one looks like.... sorry i just do not know jc bags at ALL... I feel so stupid... :upsidedown:
  4. :smile:

  5. That strikes me as a little dressy. Here is the Shimmer Champagne Mave, but I don't know if it would arrive in time. I could wear gold jewelry instead.

  6. Hello Jburgh, the Shimmer Champagne Mave would be perfect, the Marin is definitely too big to be worn with an evening gown. When I wore the python Marin to a casual party, I took off my wedding and engagement rings and wore a yellow gold ring instead (hm, can this bring bad luck...?). Sometimes gold and silver tones actually work together, depends on the colours and the type of jewelry.

    My opinion, go ahead, it's gorgeous and you'll get more use out of it than from a traditional evening bag:tup:. Having said that, I just noticed that the Carissa comes in multicolor python as well...not a bad one that either, but perhaps not festive enough for that type of evening event..?

    p.s. why can't I find the Shimmer Champagne Mave on the JC site?
  7. double post.... Sorry:shame:
  8. Jburgh

    Here is a pre-order bag from SFA that would be Gorgeous:drool: (plus there is a removable chain strap to allow you to carry it either way:tup:)

    but I do like the Shimmer Mave too:nuts:

    I know, why don't you buy both:graucho:
  9. The reason you don't see the shimmer Mave on the JC site is because it is part of the Cruise 08 line, which isn't supposed to arrive in the stores until mid-late November. Some of this line appears at a couple of department store websites, but not at JC until later.

    I like the snake Carissa, but it is a little pricey, for the amount of use it will get.

    I do like metallics...something tells me I must have been a crow in a past life because of my fondness for shiny items.

    So, how about the Ciggy? Too small? Can you fit a Blackberry, IDs, lipgloss, key, tissue and small comb in there?

    Thanks for the help so far... :yes:
  10. Oh, what a pretty bag! If your going to wear a gown, this is much better than the mave or marin!
  11. There is a small glittery purple Choo bag on e-bay right now that would look so hot with black. It is new and about the size of the mave I think...maybe a little smaller.
  12. Out of all of the bags mentioned here I like the Shimmer Champagne Mave the best. It really is simple, yet still stylish.
  13. Cruise 08, of course. I had seen it some somewhere, it was one of the dept. store sites. I try to avoid looking at those, the American sites make me green with envy..:oh:
  14. I agree....this bag gets my vote! :love: SO pretty and feminine! :tup:
  15. I did pick out a bag, the shimmer chocolate-y bronze Tayten. I got it from eBay for a great price. Unbeknownst to me, another tPFer wanted it too and she pitched a childish fit after the auction ended. :shrugs: Oh well, I've lost many auctions myself to other bidders, c'est la vie.

    I would have liked the champagne Mave, but it would not have arrived in time. It is for sale on a pre-order status. And in the end, a lighter color is probably a bad idea for me. The shimmery brown is better. :tup: I have some cafe au lait pearls I can wear with it. The seller also has some great Choo shoes, but they are 40s. Anyone here who has a size 40 foot should get them, they are pretty.

    Thanks for all of your suggestions, I appreciate the input!