Help me choose a Betty bag :)

  1. I'm trying to decide between the following... I was hoping to get a patent Betty. Those of you that have Betty's can you help me with the dimensions and what you are able to fit inside the little pockets?

    I'm deciding between the Neiman Marcus one in black. The description says it is patent but the black is varnished calfskin. Is that patent? and does the dimensions make sense? Chloe*-* Betty Patent Satchel*-* Neiman Marcus [​IMG]

    or the one on sale at Net-a-porter Chloé Betty leather tote - NET-A-PORTER.COM
    or Aloha Rag has the mini betty in patent burgundy

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  2. I love that mini Betty, it's so cute! But if you're concerned about size, you may not want the mini. I don't have a Betty, so I won't advise you on size. The varnished calfskin is like patent, but not quite as shiny I think. It's like more of a glaze almost, that's what it looked like to me. I saw it somewhere else and they called in "washed patent leather", so a little more broken-in like than patent. (correct me if i'm wrong anyone)
  3. I don't have a Betty but now am starting to like the first one in your list.
  4. I have a friend who just sent back the red patent to Neiman Marcus today (it was too small for her)--it was 1/2 off so watch for it on the sale page.
  5. Thanks for the info. I will watch out for it.
  6. Thanks for clarifying what the varnished calfskin is. That was a big help!!!
  7. That black Betty is fricking HOT HOT HOT! I would go for that in a heartbeat! Of course, I love all 3 bettys that you posted! But the black and burgandy patent are just incredible!
  8. The red one is back on neiman sale page :smile:
  9. I love that black Betty! Someone has a picture of Carmen Electra toting that baby and it looks HOT HOT HOT as Jag said!!!! I have an ivory betty in that size and she's very comfortable, not too heavy and will make a great diaper bag for whenever the baby comes! *Hmm... that comment didn't sound like a ringing endorsement, but it really is!!! :nuts: * I really like this bag a LOT!

    My second choice would be the red patent over the silver. Some people have had issues with the metallic flaking with usage. Hence why I wouldn't recommend that one, though it is very very pretty. So depending on whether you are rough with your bags or not, I think the red patent will wear better... but my first choice still is the black! :drool:
  10. Get the black or the red. The black is not shiny looking but it is still shiny. The red is funky looking. I like that too.
  11. Thanks for the input. I ended up getting both the black and the red one that showed up on I was confused about the size. I figured I'll get both and return one. Can you tell me if the NM website is correct about the dimensions? They have it at 10"H x 11 1/5"W x 16"D.

    green_eggs thanks for letting me know about the red one!!! Great price!!

    Can't wait to get them!:yahoo:
  12. I don't remember it being that deep, the first two dimensions sound right, but the depth sounds way too big. I'll measure it tomorrow morning when hubby is awake. Mine feels smaller and the dimensions make it sound huge. Doing from memory, I would say that the depth is closer to about 8" to 10". The front pockets are useful to put your cellphone or coinage or lipstick. Something small, but I hardly ever use them. I just use the main compartment. I think you made the right choice. Get both and return the one you don't want. I completely love the black though. It is a great bag!
  13. Thanks BalenciagaLove. I appreciate the help with the dimensions.:smile:
  14. I have the red one and LOVE it! It's the perfect size for me, and I'm a big bag girl! I think because of the color and the sheen the smaller size really works. I hope you love it!
  15. Thanks nerdphanie! Can't wait to get it. I think the smaller size is better for me too. I'm only 5' 3".

    Anyway, the black one is showing as cancelled on the order status. I guess it was sold by the time my order went through. Thanks everybody for your help!!!