Help me buy my next chanel bag!!!

  1. Hi everyone!

    This is my first time posting, although I've been a lurker for some time now. :supacool:

    I got my first chanel about a year ago...the classic flap in black caviar. i love it but now, i'm looking for something bigger and a little more casual. I had decided on the baby cabas a few months ago when the chicago store still had several left. Unfortunately, after taking too long to think it over, they sold out and so did every other store in the US. :hysteric:

    so now, i'm on the hunt for something new! i've been browsing the store for the last couple of weeks and nothing is standing out to me. i want something big, slouchy, more casual, black, leather (no patent). does anyone know when the spring line starts hitting stores and when pictures of the spring line items are released? where can i see them?

    also..any help for a baby cabas anywhere?

    any other chanel bag suggestions?? you girls ARE the experts!
  2. ^^ im in the same shoes - i'd be curious to know too!
  3. i have seen it in UK one week ago, but not sure whether it's still there now...
  4. I saw a black baby cabas on eBay from a very reputable seller.

    Also how about a Modern Chain bag??
  5. ^^ who, may i ask? are you allowed to say..?
  6. i LOVE the baby cabas. sorry if i am partial but i am lol obviously seduced by the subtle understated beauty of the baby cabas :graucho: it's HTF now but you never know, there could still be some lurking. you just need a good SA who is able to do a thorough check for you. call chanel #1800 hotline to check as well. all the best!
  7. I was just like you, bought a medium flap caviar with gold then after a year wanted something bigger,casual. After research and trials finally settled on a GST black caviar with silver hardware, casual everyday bag. Very Happy!
  8. I also think a modern chain tote or hobo would be a good choice.
  9. How about the diamond stitch tote, or GST.
  10. thank you soo much for all your suggestions! for some reason, when i went to my local chanel store a few days ago, they were pretty much wiped out of everything. they had the classic flaps but almost everything else was either in other colors (i want a black bag) or in patent (i want plain leather). i'll keep checking back, i guess.

    i do like the diamond and cloud bags a lot! i love the look of the modern chain but a part of me is worried it might be too trendy and i'll get sick of it after a season. what do you all think??

    also..whats the 1800 number??

    thanks again!!!
  11. The diamond stitch tote is beautiful. And so is the cloudy bundle.

    Just don't get the new modern chain. Apparently several shops are still selling them although they have been recalled because of the defective plastic chains.

    Like Ladydeluxe suggested, you should call chanel #1800 hotline to check if they have a black baby Cabas lurking somewhere ... you never know.

    Spring items will hit the stores mid/end Jan - Feb. Good luck! And happy hols!