Help Me Again: More Problems With Decision Making! :) Lv Inclusion Or Bag Ahh!

  1. HI guys ok so those of you who followed my last dilema the decision had been made:RED KOOBA ELISHA :smile: YAAAAAAAAAAY!

    BUT ugh a road block!

    i have been really wanting a LV berry color inclusion bracelet but they are craaazy $$ over $350 etc,,, and thats nuts for an accessory but they are not avail. anymore, and although i am not a die hard LV fan, the bracelets i think are SO cute!!!

    SO here is the problem,,,,since i feel like the elisha will become more and more avail. as other sites put it up,,,do i buy the bracelet now, pay back a little $$ i owe my family then save again for the difference of the bag! :smile:??

    or do you all think its the stupidest thing ever to spend $250 on a bracelet and i should just shut up and buy the kooba!!!! :smile: haha


    here is the bracelet

    and here is the bag again if anyone didnt see it before
  2. KOOBA!
    i love the kooba.

    you love the kooba.

    get the kooba!
  3. Although I love the Kooba bag (great color), I'd pick the inclusion bracelet. It's harder to come by and of course, it's Louis Vuitton, always a classic.
  4. uh oh 1 vs 1 :smile:
  5. back up...if you owe money to someone, you need to pay it back before buying any luxury item.
  6. that wasnt part of the question, i owe very very little $$ that can be paid back in a week or 2 and its to my mother, she knows she is getting it back

    that isnt part of the decision
  7. As long as the debt is getting paid off, and it's between the two items, I would say go for the bracelet. If you've always wanted one, and it's cheaper than retail, and they're very hard to get anymore, then the bracelet is the way to go. (Though I completely agree with you, that is a LOT to spend on a freakin' plastic bracelet. If it had some gemstones in it maybe..) Your chances of saving up again to get the Kooba later, are better. Especially if it's a new bag.
  8. The kooba is a very pretty bag, I'd take whatever I needed the most, have got MANY bags of that size, then get inclusion etc
  9. personally, i would never pay that much for a bracelet, i don't care if the pope made it! i would definately spend the $$ on a good bag. good luck w/ your decision!
  10. Kooba all day, honey!
  11. Wow, tough choice. That Kooba is stunning, but so is the bracelet. Will you really wear the bracelet or are you buying for future selling? The Kooba is the better value, the bracelet, being limited is desirable, too. Me, I'd get the purse. Which will make you happier? If the bracelet, even at the stupid price (and I think the inclusion pieces are adorable), makes you happy just looking at it, get the bracelet. sorry that's so convoluted.
  12. :smile: well i would def wear it haha i dont usually buy things to resell :smile: I like to use my stuff esp if i pay that much for it

    i love swarovski and i think mixed with the LVs inside the PINK bracelet is cute

    but i just am having so much trouble justifying the price, but its the best price ive found and ive been following them around for months,,, and im worried if i pass on it now i wont find a better deal

    i do have a lot of bags the same size, im just scared that somehow the bag will sell out and ill miss on that too, but i dunno if thats even a possbility as its new and everyone should be getting it in,,,
  13. ITA
  14. Bracelet!! I think its cuter and I bet you have plenty of bags already.
  15. Personally I would buy the Kooba, a beautiful leather bag, I would never pay £££ for something that cost about 50p to make!