Help! Looking for the perfect blue bag...

  1. Ok, so I've been searching and searching for a handbag in the perfect shade of blue for almost a year now with no satisfying results and it's become an obsession. I have realized it's time to turn to the experts for some help ;)

    Anyone who can point me in the direction of a good quality leather bag (shoulder, tote, hobo or satchel styles) under $600, in an electric/cobalt blue like the one attached will be my hero forever.
  2. ooh, the Tano sex bomb is da bomb! I have a HH smoke blue, and it does not have that "punch" like this.
  3. My suggestion would be too light blue--Brighton has a nice bag for under $300 but it's not cobalt blue.

    I'm loving looking at these bags! so pretty!
  4. I was on the exact same search a while back :smile:! It ended with my Rebecca Minkoff Morning After bag in Royal (pics attached). There are many posts about this bag if you do a search, and I think there is a sample sale happening now in NYC...good luck!
    IMG_0167.jpg IMG_0168.jpg
  5. Thanks so much for the great suggestions, everyone! I think the closest matches so far are the Rebecca Minkoff and the Tano...will have to try to check them out in person.
  6. Belen Echandia does an amazing petrol blue - someone posted about theirs a week or so ago - well worth checking out.
  7. Does the Morning After bag come with a detachable shoulder strap? That would seal the deal for me:drool: That bag in that color is gorgeous. /end of threadjack...
  8. No- sorry :sad: the RM Morning After does not come with detachable shoulder strap, but they have different styles in the color Royal, I think...
    maybe the Elisha has the straps you are looking for? Check out or call the NY store- I've talked to Jacqueline there & she's really nice!
  9. Here's another Tano. I have this bag and it's terrific. Seriously I don't know what you plan on toting and I don't know how well a Tano will hold up to big time wear or weight over a long period of time. But they are less expensive.


  10. ahhh! i love the minkoff royal and the JY sapphire...both are sooo beautiful in person! rich and dark, but still bright.
  11. have you looked at kale handbags? here's one:
    their peacock color is very pretty and it's on sale.