HELP, Looking for blue simple pumps 70mm

  1. After much pondering, I have decided that I would get the most wear out of an electric blue CL if I can find the simple pumps. They could be either regular leather or patent. Can anyone let me know if they have seen them anywhere here in the states. Neither the Saks or the NM in my area have them. If you have a store and an SA to recommend please let me know or pm me.

  2. i'm not sure but try cl in beverly hills ask for alisha
  3. Ronsdiva - yes, I just saw them at CL Madison on Monday. I am almost 100% positive that they were 70mm. Give them a ring because they certainly had the blue simple pumps. Good luck!
  4. CL BH has them. I just exchanged my pair today, they were too big.
  5. Do the CL boutiques charge send? I love the blue simple pumps!

  6. yes
  7. Wonderful, thank you angelie!