HELP! Lady Braid flap bag-- where to get?

  1. i :heart::heart::heart: it! I'm after this, preferably in the black!

    Does anyone know where to get this, and if you know of a store that does, do you know if they ship internationally? I'm in Australia and i don't think these are in the Chanel stores here yet :sad:

    How much are they? Does anyone know for sure?

    Thanks in advance, everyone!
  2. bump, anyone???

    Have called several store around the region, and its either they're not bringing the bags in, or they're only bringing in the "tote" and not the flap bag :sad:

    Are they readily available in the US, or is there a waitlist for them??? I'd just like to know my chances of getting my hands on one. If anyone knows ANYTHING at all, i'd be so grateful!

    p.s. included a pic just in case :shame:
    violet lady braid.jpg
  3. eeks double post, sorry
  4. I just saw it at the Nordstrom's topanga here in california. looks beautiful in person
  5. Saks in Scottsdale, Arizona has one in purple as of 10/11/06

    Neiman Marcus in San Diego, California has one in black as of 10/13.