HELP!! Ink on Pebble Leather

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  1. I need help!! I accidentally got pink ink on my white/beige pebble leather Coach. Does anybody know how to remove it??
  2. Have you tried using hairspray? I've heard that this works when used right away. Try some on a q-tip on the handbag
  3. I do not know, but I do know NOT to use the Coach leather cleaner or conditioner on Pebbled leather. Try calling Coach's customer service and see if they have any suggestions. Sorry to hear this happened :crybaby:
  4. When I got blue ink(from 1.5 year old jeans!) on white pebbled leather, I was told to rub the area gentlely with a soft eraser (one of the white ones that are on mechanical pencils) it will lessen the pebbledness of the area, but it should also get rid of or lighten the stain. Sorry. I've had nothing but trouble from the pebbled leather, I now won't buy it.
  5. i actually love pebbled leather and think it is much easier to clean than regular leather! its less fussy and usually u can just wipe the stains away! but white is tricky... i agree with the regular white erasers, and the hairspray on q tip