HELP!!!! Ink on my Hermes!

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  1. Forgive me if this subject has already been discussed but I did a search and couldn't find a solution to my problem.

    I noticed today at the grocery store that my H bearn wallet somehow mysteriously got a small blue ink mark on the edge of the strap part of the wallet and also noticed a smaller mark in the center of my wallet too!!! :wtf: :wtf: :sad: I, in a panic, tried to rub the mark in the center of the wallet off w/ my finger but I was only able to remove it a small bit. There is still a lil smidgen of the ink mark left.:crybaby: I did the same w/ the ink stain on the strap but that didn't help at all!!! :crybaby: WHAT AM I TO DO?? ANY AT HOME REMEDIES I CAN TRY SHORT OF TAKING MY WALLET TO THE H STORE??? TIA!!!:heart:
  2. Oh...not sure about home remedies...I took an "inked" item in for a spa treatment and it came back perfect...
  3. Sorry, the only thing I have heard that works is to take it straight away to Hermes for a spa treatment. So sorry this happened, but hopefully H can work its magic and make it all better!
  4. Take it in.
  5. ACK! So sorry to hear that Moviegirl. Somewhere I had read that a teeny bit of plain rubbing alcohol/vodka/hairspray (just make sure there's no acetone in there) on a Q-tip may work to remove ink on leather, but I'm hesitant to recommend that because I haven't tried it myself. I think a trip to Hermes is definitely in order though.
  6. Oh so sorry to hear that, Moviegirl...hope you find a solution soon...:sad:
  7. L - give J a call. see what he says.

    although i've tried using acetone with a Q-tip on a non-H bag to remove an ink, i won't advice it here. it worked though.......
  8. I tried using rubbing alcohol on a non-H bag also. It didn't help at all. I'm so sorry this happened to you.
  9. The Ulysees?
  10. oh goodness L, I am sorry this happenned to you. I really don't know what to advice beside like other ladies said take it to H and let them take care of it. I hope it will get better soon.:yes:
  11. I used hairspray to remove ink on my Birkin. It worked once but I seemed to make it worse the second time I tried the same trick. GF mentioned about using curdled milk.

    I saved these posts by GF on my hard drive:

    • You know what does work on ballpoint pen?(but you'd have to be really game to try it) - if it's a relatively new mark - hairspray. The chemical makeup of the hairspray lifts the ink off. For an older ink're gonna barf.....milk curds (ie: let some milk stand out in the sun until it goes lumpy and off - ewww) you put the curds on the mark, leave it for a while, and right before your eyes it will lift the stain! The curds will turn blue (or whatever colour the ink was) and you can wipe it off. It doesn't take too long (and thank goodness, otherwise your bag would get a little smelly!). Problem is, it may stain the bag, being a wet substance.

    • Attend to it promptly. If it has been there for quite some time, it’ll be difficult to remove.

    • Use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (the white sponge).

    • For toile, get a clean toothbrush, use Lux soap flakes (dissolve in warm water) and gently rub the stain. Then use a damp piece of cloth to lift up the dirt.
  12. Hi BIRKINGAL!! HOW are YOU? Hope all is well!:yes:

    ^^^So informative that I just bookmarked your post:p ....that curdled milk:yucky: sounds a little pukey:push:
  13. No...another accessory...but all is good now!
  14. I've used the hairspray trick on non-H bags and it works like a dream!
  15. Thanks ladies!!!:heart: :heart: I think I will try the rubbing alcohol and the hairspray trick first to see if it works b4 I bring it in. The ink mark on the strap isnt very noticeable but since I'm anal, it's noticeable to me, so if something bad happens it wouldnt be the end of the world. I'll try it there first then if it works, move on to the center of the wallet! Only thing is I have to wait til DH is asleep or he'll be livid to see what I'm doing to my H wallet!!!