help!! in trouble with fakes!!

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  1. Hello I am a new ptf member and I need some help. I bought two Balenciaga bags that is obviously fake and I didnt think twice before purchasing them because it obviously is. The mirror was broken in half, the leather is cheap...etc. I tried contacting the seller through paypal but it seems they are no longer a paypal member and I contacted them through their website email address and they arent answering back. I want to take legal action cus it sucks but i just want my money back and I cant go to the actual boutique because its too far. What can I do if paypal wont help me and they arent answering and i cant afford a lawyer?im in desperate help because im out 775 dollars!
  2. Jina, if you have paid via credit card you can file a chargeback through your company. Other than that I don't know what else suggest. I hope you can solve your problem!
  3. There are lots of threads like this in the eBay forum.
    You can do a search or post there and get lots of help!
    I'm sorry this happened.
  4. thanks for your helps guys so heres what iv done so far...i filed a complaint at paypal but they declined my complaint for some reason and then i emailed paypal asking why it was deferred and i didnt understand why and they havent answered, and i emailed the seller and she hasnt answered, i didnt use a credit card on paypal but my checking account so i cant do a am i a lost cause?