help! I want the monty GM but...

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  1. Hi everyone!
    I'm from Canada and I'm going to Manhattan in march. I am saving up for the Montorgueil GM which is $865 US currency.

    The US dollar is about 1.229 CND I was wondering, if I convert my canadian money to us money and buy the Monty in the US, will i be paying over $1000 for the bag ?

    Is LV in Canada priced the same as it is in the US, or does the price change based on the currency?

    I'm trying to decide whether it would be better for me to purchase the Montorgueil in the states or here in Toronto. Does it make a difference?

    thanks for your help in advance :smile:
  2. hi- prices in canada are lower- however- you live in a province that has 13% tax correct? the best way to make sure is just call your lv and ask total price with tax- then do the math yourself.

  3. Even with tax, I think you'll probably end up saving around $100 or so to buy it here in Canada. Another thing to consider if you do buy it in the States is possible duty charges.
  4. on another note--- bringing back a bag through customs at that price- you might have to pay taxes. and also- it might be a good idea to consider creating a relationship with a SA in your city....
  5. prices in canada are lower than those in the states? by that do you mean theyre the same price, but youre technically paying less in canada? or is the price actually less? sorry, i have a terrible cold and therefore im very confused :P
  6. They're actually lower in Canada. (I paid $700 CDN for my Montorgueil PM & it was $750 USD at the time).
  7. no way!! i didnt know that! im pretty sure my speedy 30 was 700 when i bought it and it was 700 in the states too...but maybe im not remembering correctly?
  8. I think at one point they were matched, but they are currently lower. Yay Canada! :cutesy: It's not a huge difference, but every little bit helps!
  9. Also - not sure if you care about the "made in USA" thing or not, but I'm pretty sure we don't get any made in USA bags in Canada. If you buy one in the States, I think you're a lot more likely to get one that is. Some people don't care - but just something to note in case you do care!
  10. Even after paying the 13% tax in Ontario, it is way cheaper than buying from the States. Call the Toronto LV to find out how much the Monty GM is. If I remember correctly when I saw it, it was around C$825 to $830 before tax.
  11. Definitely cheaper here. For example, the bloomsbury gm is $1000 here, $1050 on the US website and the US dollar is worth so much more than ours right now. Even with tax, it is a better option to buy here.
  12. its cheaper in Canada! since they changed the pricing i never buy my bags when i go on vacation. you'll end up paying a lot more if you purchase it in the states..especially with our low dollar.
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