Help! I still can't decide between two bags!

  1. I love both bags but can only buy one.

    Both are the Speedy 30...

    Choice #1 - Red Epi leather
    Pros - It's red and gorgeous.
    Cons - more $$ and I've heard that the leather can scratch easily

    Choice #2 - Damier Canvas
    Pros - love the dark handles and casual look of the bag, it costs less
    Cons - Too casual?

    The red epi is my dream bag, but I really love the Damier canvas as well. I don't know what to do!!!! Getting both is not an option. :tdown:

    Thanks for any help!!!
  2. #2 Damier
  3. Both are great bags! The Epi leather isn't sensitiv, I haven't any scratches on my Epi bags. And red is so beautiful. I would go for the red one.
  4. ohhh...tough decision. I have both and love both of them. If you could only have one..maybe the Damier, just because it probably will go with more.
  5. Damier speedy 30..I personally don't think there are any cons regarding this bag!
  6. Damier! But Epi is one of the stronger leather in LV....ok I'm not helping am I? :upsidedown:
  7. Both are great bags but i would choose the Damier :smile:
  8. Damier!

    The epi speedies are stiffer and harder to get in and out of.
  9. Damier! Not a huge fan of epi....
  10. DAMIERRRR :love:
  11. Tough decision for me, I love them both and they're both on my wishlist! :sweatdrop:
    Maybe I would choose the Damier Speedy, simply because you could wear it much more than red Epi: it will go with more colors than the red one.
  12. Go for the one that you think you love more....if you love the epi more you'll wear it more and you'll get a better investment of the more money that it costs...I know that I don't help you much but when it comes to bags isn't this what it's all about...loving and craving for them??
    Good luck with your choice
    both are gorgeous!!!
  13. If red epi is your dream bag and you can get it...then I say get it and get the damier later when you can.
  14. Damier! I don't think it's too casual at all.
  15. Definitely agree with Traci. Also I think Red can match a lot of things and can be used all year.

    Forgot to add that I had a similar problem when I bought my petite noe. Question then was Mono or Blue Epi. I went with the Mono at that time because I really liked the print, weight of the bag and new it was durable. BUT a part of me really wishes I went with the Blue Epi that day; the Epi just has a timeless and lasting quality to it. It was my dream bag at the time, but I was iffy on the colour. :o(