HELP! I need some LV advice.......

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  1. OK, as I posted yesterday, I bought my first LV...the Damier Speedy 30.

    I adore it.....but I kinda made a mistake in buying the purse strap that the SA showed me at the Saks boutique. At first, I thought it would be a nice idea.....since I travel a lot, and also commute to work via public transportation ( in the city, ain't it grand?) However, I find I just don't think I would use the strap much. I don't really like the way it looks, and of course there are no clips on the end of the bag, since it's a hand held by nature, so it has to clip on the strap hardware...which I am not sure I like.

    SOOO, I am thinking I will return it to my local Saks, even though I bought it at an out of town Saks. My question is: Do I just get a refund and put that savings toward a new bag down the road? Or do I use that amount (roughly $200) towards a small LV item that I can use in my lovely new bag?

    If I do decide to get a small item...what do you all recommend as being a good value, and will also work well in the Speedy 30??

    Thanks in advance, I value all your input!
  2. don't you just get an exchange or store credit :huh:?

    anyway, for that amount, you can get a key holder or a Cles, which is what everyone seems to be crazy about these days.

  3. I would get a cles of some type.
  4. Sure, I could just get a refund/credit to my account, but I thought maybe since I had already committed to buying the strap, I could justify buying a small LV item to use in the new bag maybe a Cles or a cosmetic bag or something. A refund/credit is definitely an option, if I don't find a small item I love...but I find THAT hard to imagine!
  5. I would definitely get a cles - I use mine all the time!
  6. I love my cles and highly recommend one! :yes:
  7. You should get a store credit or an exchange.:yes: Or if you really want to get a small item, I agree with the girls get a's very useful;)
  8. How about a small change purse, or a small ring agenda? The cosmetic case was a good idea as well.
  9. Yes...the cosmetic case. Keeps everything neat and tidy inside the bag.
  10. i'd get a cles or the cosmetic case too.. at least with those two, you can also use them as a wallet of sorts :smile:
  11. id get a cles!! keep us posted!
  12. Definitely a cles! Cles are so incredibly useful...and they're so cute too!
  13. I also vote for CLES!
    You'll love cute and functional!
  14. Yeah..a cosmetic case or cles would be good..
  15. it's between a cosmetic bag and a cles.....I know I would definitely get lots of use out of the cosmetic bag...but how do most of you use the cles? It's pretty small, right? So, just for loose change and keys?

    Also, I am not sure whether to get it in the Damier to match my Speedy, or get whatever I choose in mono........any opinions? Do most of you mix and match?

    I figure it probably won't matter, because I'd use a cosmetic bag or cles in other LV bags in the future anyway. (Notice how I mention my future bags already???

    Again, thanks for all the helpful advice....gotta get some work done now (yes, I am at work at 7:15 a.m.............:crybaby: )