help! i need a shoulder bag



  1. ravello GM

  2. illovo MM

  3. hampstead MM

  4. poppincourt haut

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  1. Hi! I'm still looking for a medium-sized shoulder bag(preferably zipped) and havent quite decided what to get. Any comments on these 3 bags?

    I'm 5'0" and need a medium-sized bag for my everyday stuff.

    Thanks again, ladies :heart::heart::heart:
  2. Unfortunately cant help,i only have one shoulder bag which is Tikal Pm and dont think its big enough for everyday use.
  3. I like the Hampstead MM but it has an open top so it may not suit your need. I voted for the PH instead.
  4. I can't choose b/t the Popincourt or Hampstead. But i think the Hampstead holds more
  5. Hi --- I am not familiar with the Illovo or the Ravello so I am not much help. lol I have seen the PH and this bag is a bit small for your needs. The Hampstead MM, while gorgeous and the right size for your needs, it is still an open-top bag.

    Have you checked out the Multipli-Cite bag? It is big, has a zipped top, cell phone holder on the outside as well as two outside pockets. I have this bag and I love it --- fits lots of things.

    I hope you can find a bag that fits your needs!
  6. i like the popincourt! love the shape!!
  7. How about Bucket? It has in mono, damier, mini lin and epi leather.
  8. I like Hampstead MM :smile: post us after you make dec.
  9. thank you all for your suggestions. will decide in 1-2weeks coz i think i need to see them IRL. will post photos then....