Help, I Lost My Receipt!!

  1. I got a pond Legacy satchel during PCE and I want to return it, but I have lost my receipt!! I want to try first to exchange it for black, but if I don't like it, I need to get my money back. I would lose money trying to sell on eBay. I do have a thank you card from the SA, and the invoice that came with shipping. Will that work? Also, are there any more of these satchels in black? I am so embarrassed to go into the store and do another return/exchange because I did one earlier in the year and now every time I go in the manager asks me if I "got all my returns taken care of" and she looks at me strange and follows me with her eyes as if I am going to make off with one of the display bags.
  2. The shipping/packing slip should be fine. It is my understanding that they can look it up backed on the numbers on the slip -- I've done it before! :yes:
  3. ^Oh really? That's good to know!

    I called a local Coach boutique earlier this week because I had to return a hat and a pair of shoes and I couldn't find the receipt. I asked if they could still process a refund without them and they said all they'd be able to do is a store credit if the items are currently in the store, and if they were old stock I think she said they couldn't help me (which was surprising). But I hadn't mentioned the packing slip. She said they were unable to look up credit card transactions.
  4. We can use packing slips. We hate not having receipts because using a packing slip makes it very complicated, but we can use it just fine :smile:
  5. Did you take back your Tattersall Trilby?? I loved that on you!!

    I just returned a bag that I purchased in December, didn't have the receipt, but it did still have the tag attached and I got store credit for the full price of the bag! Which I then promptly put towards my Miranda. I'm surprised the SA told you she couldn't help for any old stock! I had no issues whatsoever and I though that I might!
  6. ^^Yeah that kind of puzzled me too... sounds like laziness IMO...
  7. Hi Jen, just call JAX and give them the packing merchandise slip invoice number. They will look it up for you and FAX you your original method of payment. They had to do that for me because the store never sent mine with a phone order. They should mail it, but it can get lost. . But, it will be at the PCE price that you paid. The store could do it easily, but you can do it yourself by calling Jax with the packing slip. Hope it works out for you!!!!
  8. Thank you all for your help!
  9. Yeah, unfortunately I did. And my Havanah pumps. *sigh* I just kept thinking about them and I really thought they both looked a little funny on me. Plus, when I bought Miranda I kind of overextended myself and needed to get some money back to pay some bills. *I hate bills, they suck* So they both had to go. *sniffle*
  10. Let us know how it goes!