help!!!! i just got my 1st l.v. am clueless about the datecode

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  1. hi ladies im somewhat new here. i posted this in the authenticate forum and was told it was good. got the bag all looks great to me. took it to the boutique to get a dust bag (didnt come with one) as soon as i took it out of the bag the s.a. knew it was authentic. its a monogram croissant GM okay i found the datecode to me it looks like it reads ga0033. is that possible bf says its ca 0033. what is weird to me is there is one on ebay listed as datecode ca0033. could it be? my bag and that one one ebay have the same one? im not sure what the datecodes mean exactly so im clueless!!! HELP! please:biggrin: made in spain says the stamp
  2. just did thanks!:smile: