help...i have the dark silver coco cabas, but i'm still wanting a black one as well

  1. when is this obsession gonna stop?
  2. Don't feel bad. I got the Khaki last year and just recently got the black.
    I need a serious purse :ban:
  3. hey gators, good to know my symptoms are not alone....
    do you think you will ever get bored of the coco cabas? if you could only have one, which one would you have opted for?
  4. I hope I don't get bored! I usually don't buy 2 bags of the same style, but I really like how the cabas fits and all the room it has.

    If I had to choose just would probably be the khaki. I actually like the color better and the straps on the khaki are thicker for some reason. But, I really do love them both! Also, better to buy now before the price increase! At least that's what I told myself:yes:
  5. oh boy, this is so tough...i still haven't owrn my silver one yet, so i can still echange/return for the black.
    when i first bought the silver, i was still adding color to my collection, but since then, i've bought nothing but colors, so now i'm wnting to rebuild my blks again... still very torn.
  6. Hey there again--we are so on the same page purse wise : ) If I didn't get the brown outdoor ligne hobo, I would try to find a khaki cabas. I have a black one and I love it!
  7. after you get the black, white, and bronze/khaki... :p
  8. lol, hello there...i was just going to suggest on your other thread the coco cabas. but seeing that you alreayd got one, then nevermind....

    i am so torn b/w the blk and the silver, if my collection was dominantly blk then i would've easily gone fo rthe silver, but as i said i have a rainbow collection now, so i think buying blk may be a better choice.
  9. thank goodness, i've ruled out white and am not feeling the khaki.

    let's just hope they don't come back w/ the navy or the teal, otehrwise i'm in trouble again.
  10. I'm so glad there are others I have black but keep thinking I should add dark silver, is it overkill? 2 kick-ss bags in the same color?
  11. Is it overkill? I have been asking myself that question for months! But, I love the black and think I am just going to have to get one in the brown family for fall--khaki or dark brown?? Hhhmmm
  12. and another thing is i already have a silver botkier, sorry for posting non chanel pix, but can someone tell me if the colors are at all similar? between my botker and the dark silver cabas?
    collection 036.jpg collection 038.jpg
  13. I had a dark silver (they sent me that by mistake--thought I was getting a khaki) and it was considerably darker. Almost like a metallic grey. REally pretty color
  14. its' so hard to make these decisions by looking at pictures, wish i could try both of them on in person.
  15. spoke to my SA at Saks, and was informed that they will be getting the original coco cabas back?!?! i was skeptical and asked if it's the larger size w/ the quilting, but was told that from the pictures, it does not look like there's stitching on the bottom, but it look sidentical to the original caviar leather, i've decided to return the silver, and cross my fingers that the information i've been given is correct.