Help! I dont know how to wear my rings

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  1. #1 Apr 21, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2014
    Hi, im not sure how to wear my wedding, eternity and engagement ring. I cannot afford to have them altered as he uk prices are very high,also i love them as they are. The single stone and plain band are 18 carat and the 5 stone is 9 carat. I have been wearing them for 18 years so no wearing problem ( i just had them all checked and cleaned by a jeweler). Its always bugged me though that the solitaire never sits flush against my five stone ring, as you can see its middle stone is slightly larger and the prongs are set at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o'clock so the solitaire sits to the left or right, never centred. Any suggestions? Maybe switch them round? I cod maybe buy a narrow spacer but can only afford 9 carat, gold here has gone through the roof!

    Solitaire .50
    Eternity. .25

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  2. I really love the look that you have in your picture. :smile: I get easily bored and often switch mine around. How about placing your eternity ring behind your wedding band for a change? This would allow your wedding band and your engagement ring to sit flush. I also sometimes wear my eternity ring on the ring finger of my right hand, more out of necessity tbh, as my joint swells on my left ring finger. But, I love the skinny ring look. I hope this gives you a few ideas xx
  3. Thanks, i tried it. Seems to look quite good. I did do it once before but a snooty so called friend said it was wrong. She's now divorced! I know in the US they wear them all kinds of ways :smile:

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  4. It looks great. I am in the UK too. I am on my second wedding ring (platinum from 18 ct white gold). I have had many negative comments about that from people, some of which are also divorced! I did not want to replace it, we were advised that it would work out cheaper to replace it than keep replating every three to six months. Fourteen years later, I think we made the right decision. Happily, we are still married too :smile:. I really love both the ways you have stacked your wedding set. It is a really beautiful set. Enjoy xx
  5. What about just your wedding band and engagement ring on your ring finger, and your eternity band on the right hand ring finger?
  6. I think this looks great!
  7. I love the engagement ring, wedding band, eternity band set up! Soo pretty :love: :love:
  8. I would go with the second option personally. However, it looks most natural the first way. Beautiful rings regardless :smile:
  9. This will probably *not* be a popular idea, but you could perhaps have the 5 stones somehow incorporated onto your gold wedding band so you'd have two rings, instead of three. That would solve the 9kt gold issue. You could add a bezel set to them or something. Let me see if I can find any visual ideas:

    this one is too wide, but a vibe:$T2eC16R,!)wFIYP1cSDHBSH270dCIg~~60_35.JPG

    ^^ you'll have to cut and paste that one into your browser

    The idea is to keep most of your wedding band, but redo the top half so that the diamonds from the 5 stone ring are better incorporated...

    OR... push the diamonds into or set them onto your existing band.

    A good jeweler could do this and you could also come up with a solution for better merging with your solitaire (when you wear them together as well)

    Anyway just a thought...
  10. Beautiful rings. How about interchanging them like after every week. This can break the monotony.
  11. Yey! After all this my lovely hubby is buying this for our 25th anniversary; it will sit flush and i love the contrast of 18kt rose against the yellow. Its petite and i love it. Will wear the five stone on my right hand.

    Diamonds are very expensive in the uk; i know in the US the average solitaire seems to be about 2 carats (judging by these threads); in the UK we go for between 0.35 to 0.75. Prices start around £1700 upwards.

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  12. It's beautiful, Congratulations. I love the two tone look. I cannot wait to see some modelling shots xxx
  13. Beautiful! If you really want to change things up, mount that diamond in a rose bezel on the gold wedding band, which would sit flush with the new eternity for a very clean and contemporary look...
  14. I think this is a great idea! I love the bands with the diamonds inserted in the gold.
  15. Yey! Got it at long last; its tiny but sparkles like crazy in different lighting conditions. Ive got it betweeen my wedding and engagement ring. It sits nice and neat. Im assuming its ok to wear like this; all rings are 18kt and smooth edged.