Help, I am such a dork!

  1. I have had my mono speedy for 1 1/2 years and I adore it and cannot stop using it. Lately I have been lusting after a BH. I just don't know how I will stick my speedy in a closet and not use it!! I am not good at switching bags at all, I fall in love and that is all I use! I have one favorite necklace that I cannot stop wearing, every time I change necklaces I can hardly wait to get home and put the original one back on again. Help, am I a dork or what??
  2. i feel the same way....i have had my speedy for almost a year and i have used it every day.....i really really want a shoulder bag but i dont know if i would use it...or if i would use it all the totally with you!!!
  3. Use your BH for a day and your speedy for the next day.
  4. Or maybe when you get your BH, you can wear it until you feel like carrying your Speedy again! I'm sure you will love having the option of both, even if your first love is the Speedy.
  5. you will like to start switching when you have 2 beautiful bags to switch off with
  6. i think it would be awesome if you got the BH. sometimes a shoulder bag really comes in handy. great to both.
  7. I know exactly what you mean. I love carrying my Matte Leather Fowler all the time. This is the first LV I bought almost 5 years ago. It has a special place in my heart!!
  8. I also agree about the necklace. I hardly ever remove my Tiffany necklace and bracelet. I even sleep with them and shower with them. When I do take them off, I can't wait to put them back on.
  9. Know what you mean...I'm having a hard time not using my patchwork speedy. I LOVE this bag!!!
  10. Start having a little weekly/monthly switching schedule for your purses.
    Clean out your purses and wallets of little things that accumulated before you switch.

    I love my Speedy as well, but there's so much more fun when you go through your full cycle of purses and get the Speedy again.

    Plus the wear-n-tear on the purses would be a little less AND you get to have fun with all your purses, not just one!
  11. I can't express enough how great is the BH! You should definitely get it. I use my BH in the day time for work and Azur Speedy for weekends and nite life.
  12. Thanks guys, I knew you would get what I was talking about! Maybe I will have to make a deliberate attempt to switch back and forth!!
  13. If you don't like switching everyday just alternate every other week.
    I love my speedy and felt the same way..didn't want to put it down. I bought another bag and I have found that I switch every few days.
  14. haha, you're simply loyal, be proud of it :p
  15. My Speedy 30 turned up today...i plan on using it ALOT!