Help Husband Find Purse


Dec 8, 2005
eluxury also does a really good job, you can then have it gift wrapped in their big silvery box and huge purple bow.....oh yeah, and gift card:biggrin:


Bag Ho
Nov 27, 2005
How about a whiskey paddington. If she has a black tote and a brown bag, whiskey would be a good color that would go with everything.

They retail for $1480.

And don't buy anything on Ebay. Buy from boutique or well-known department store.

Good luck, Sherm! It's a very thoughtful thing you're doing.


Inky Paws

Oct 19, 2005
Sharm, what a thoughtful hubby! You wife will be very pleased and very surprized! Here are the bags that I would love to get myself. i didn't spend the whole budget of $1500 on every bag, but you can always get a wallet to go with it. I myself must have a matching or co-ordinating wallet.

LV Riberaira $925
LV Alma $795
LV wallet $535
LV LE Hosuton $1260
Kooba Sienna $595
Kooba Claudia $595
Chloe Paddington $1645
Marc Jacobs Sieanna $975
Yves St. Larent $1295
Tod's Kate $1100 (but not in orange)
Gucci $1495



Nov 29, 2005
Sherm said:
Great suggestions...I'll keep checking back.

Also, any recommendations on where to buy a purse...manufacturer's store (Gucci, BV, etc.), Neiman's/Sak's, or eluxury or other on-line stores?
I usually buy my bags from Saks or Neiman because of their return policies. Some freestanding boutiques like Chloe, will only issue store credit instead of a refund. I'm sure your lucky wife will love the bag you select for her. But just to be safe, you'll want to ask about the store's return policy before purchasing anything.

BTW, my votes are for the BV ball bag and the second Gucci large hobo that wickedassin suggested, but in the plain black or brown leather. Good luck!
Jan 10, 2006
I don't know where you're located Sherm... But Nordstrom's in Seattle and San Diego carry BV. They have a GREAT return policy, so that's a plus. NM carries Gucci and you can return it for a refund too. Whereas, I think at the Gucci store you're limited to something like a week to do a return.... So that makes it a little harder if you're buying the purse as a birthday gift in advance... I think most manufacturer stores either have short return periods and/or only allow you to get store credit back.