Help Husband Find Purse

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  1. I'm looking for a purse for my wife's 30th bday and heard about this forum, so I thought I would ask the experts here for some tips...

    Can anyone recommend a large leather hobo or tote that is a can't miss? Maybe one that is popular w/ celebrities, but not one that EVERYONE owns?

    There are so many names out there and stores...thanks for your help!
  2. First, can you tell us if she likes monogram bags or leather?
  3. She likes leather. She likes monogram bags, but wouldn't want it to be flashy...for example, a monogram that is more subtle than the white LV purse with multi-color monograms...
  4. I think Bottega Veneta makes beautiful, distinctive purses. There are other companies that do the "woven" look, but there's nothing like BV's workmanship or leather.

    Gucci also has some beautiful Guccissima leather (it's "printed/stamped" with the interlocking G pattern). I think it comes in totes and there's a very pretty hobo too.

    You can see some of the styles on and That might help you get some ideas... If we have more info about your wife, that'll help with tailoring suggestions that may best work for her. PS You should score big points for this gift :P
  5. Oh boy, you know it's bad when even husbands start hearing about our forum.

    Welcome to the PF Sherm - I'm sure our ladies will help you find the right gift for your lady.
  6. What is the budget that you were aiming for?
  7. Also search at -- I think you can look by style and they may have a "totes" department you can browse in.

    Kate Spade makes some nice leather totes, as does Gucci.
  8. Gucci large or medium horsesbit hobo!
  9. Thanks for the replies...I started the same thread in the celebrity forum before I realized I was in a specialized's my reply to a question on budget/what she has.

    "Looking to spend up to $1,500, but don't want to spend a ton just so she gets attention carrying the purse.

    Outside of her everyday leather coach and random bags she picks up at small shops, the nicer purses she has are a black canvas/leather gucci (I think hobo shape...silver gucci buckle on front) and a smooth brown leather furla w/ handles. She doesn't spend a ton on purses and the two nicer ones she has while in Paris, so that is why I want to do something special."
  10. Man I wish my husband would do something like this!

    Brian is that you?
  11. Jane, you are too funny:biggrin:

  12. Great suggestions...I'll keep checking back.

    Also, any recommendations on where to buy a purse...manufacturer's store ( Gucci, BV, etc.), Neiman's/Sak's, or eluxury or other on-line stores?
  13. i'd always prefer the manufacturer's store because they pack up everything so nicely :smile: