Help! How does this story go?

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  1. so i just completely deleted a HUGE post, to i suppose just ask this.

    everyone deserves a second chance right? my ex boyfriend and i are tryin to work stuff out right now. the reason we broke up was on him (that was 8 months ago) and he pretty much blamed me for everything when he first left. since those 8 months have past his attitude has completely adjusted. there are too many details to i suppose even go into, i could type for days trying to explain this situation. i suppose i just want reassurance that i'm not wasting my frickin time.

    i saw him for the first time in 8 months this weekend. i picked him up from school (an hour and a half away). he had called me on tuesday and we talked all week. i just wanted to see if he'd say everything to my face that he'd said over the phone. that and much more i assure you, came out that day. i can tell he's changed in every single aspect.... emotional physical etc etc. so ok, we had sex but we're not back together yet (how can you resist your favorite ex ever?) i hate that but it's what it is.

    he made a good point. he wants things to work so we're going to take things slowly. i told him i was trusting him to figure this stuff out cuz the ball is in his court. he just didn't want to slap a lable on us so quickly because he didn't want that to put us right back where we started. he didn't want to make the same mistake he made the first time.

    i know this post is so scattered i just don't know what to do. i dropped him off sunday, it's monday, i need to shut up and ride it out don't i :sad: it's a GOOD thing that he's trying to anylize the situation right? it's a good thing that he's taking his time with this relationship right?

    i just hate having to wait for that phone call. i hate the whole situation being in his hands. someone tell me this is all gonna come out clean and i'm going to be happy. i'm goin nuts over here. i think he's legit because why else would he call me after all this time? it hasn't even been 24 hours since i dropped him off and all i can think about is getting that phone call. i need to ease up. i want to slam back into things and i KNOW that's completely stupid.

    eek help someone shut me up! talk to me! i'm only 22~! my brain hurts!

    ETA: i'm having faith in this situation because he used to have NO communication skills what so ever and now he can at least talk to me... which gives me hope.
  2. no ex boyfriend has ever come back to me before. i don't know what kind of bounderies to put up, or how to feel (or how to tell myself how to feel.) *sigh*
  3. well, IMO not everyone always deserves a second chance.
    But if your heart leads you that way, then why not try:yes:

    Once upon a time, I dumped a man I loved. . . long story short, I reluctantly agreed to try again and I married him! :love:

    Be true to yourself, if he slips up again, know that you can do better and cut him lose for good.
  4. thanks mama ;) swanky answer!
    i'm glad you gave the DH a second chance and married him, you have a good sixth sense!

    thanks for the encouraging words, i need them.
  5. sorry to change the subject for a minute , Swanky how could u have broken up with that gorgeous man of yours huh ? so good u do have a happy ending after all ! :heart:

    i agree with Swanky on the second chance especially if u r still attracted to him :yes: ... i went with that rule and we broke up again :sad: ...but then going back and finishing for good convinced me 100% that we are not meant for each other and had no doubts anymore and could move on ... so one way or the other it will help u to decide what`s best for you ...let us know when he calls ! :wlae:
  6. LOL! Thanks! He was going thorugh some weird phase where his priorities were skewed. . . I think dumping him put things into perspective for him. . . he came crawling back.
    I was scared, but decided one last try.

    . . . and they lived happily ever after:love:
  7. same thing happened here only he did the dumping AND the crawling back. good sign, no??

    swanky ur so freakin cute lol :love: ur so bad ass who knew there was a squishy side ;)
  8. So hard waiting for the 'phone to ring - don't crack!!! There's obviously unfinished business there so hang on in...:yes:
  9. LOL! I'm so NOT bad ass!:lol:

  10. Hey, I believe everyone should get a second chance. I also truely believe that if something is meant to be, it will be. I'd say take it slow and see what develops. Sort of like, just let nature take it's course. Good luck with your situation.
  11. while i was out getting ice cream with my friends, he called (around 430)

    i called him @ 450 and he told me he called me to tell me he was busy and he'd call me if he had time later. i asked him what he was doing and he told me he had things planned. i hate that. it made me think too much. ew. is he doin that on purpose?
  12. The only thing I am worried about here (granted, I know little about you and the guy) is that sometimes they can be really slimy, say they are crawling back, they know they were wrong, etc, etc, and then as soon as they get you back, it's the same old same old. I'm not saying that is what is going on here, but don't get your hopes up too high just yet. I really hope he isn't jerking you around; it's happened to me before with an ex, and it doesn't feel good.

    Good luck!

    ps-broke up with my DH once, long before we were married, and we got back together and it's worked out well. he wasn't the one who was jerking me around!
  13. heh, i'm goin to hang out with my friend Jeremy tonight. the evening usually entails dinner, wine, cards, and other hospitalities. my roommate and i are going to chill with him tonight.

    i hope my absence doesn't ruffle mister ex's feathers too bad ;)

  14. that's the spirit!
  15. Words from my wise 74 year old mother were always "Never read the same book twice. Put it up on the shelf when you are done. The words on the page won't change the second time around. The story will remain the same. It may seem good and exciting in the beginning again but once you get further into it you'll remember why you didn't like it in the first place" This of course in reference to past loves...and not actual books....LOL.

    This may not apply in all cases but for most it does. Really it's all up to you. I wish you all the best whatever your decision is.