HELP! How do I do a credit chargeback??

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  1. Hi, I am in Australia and ordered some earrings for my hobby business worth $1000 from a import company in Australia last May (2009)

    They sent the items uninsured and not signed for and they were left on my porch and stolen.

    They claim their responsibility ends there but the items were sent in a bag that specifically states not to place jewellery or items over $50 value in it.

    I am stuck in the queue at the small claims court and haven't had my case heard yet. Is it too late to do a credit chargeback? If not, how do I do it?
  2. It depends on your credit card company. You would begin by speaking to them.
  3. However, if the item was placed on your property and stolen it may likely be that the company is not liable if they have proof of delivery, just as if they would not be liable if someone were to break into your home and steal the earrings.

    It would depend on many things, including the laws of your country, the carrier, etc.

    How do you know what kind of bag the items were in if it was stolen before you ever saw it?
  4. got in contact with the postal service and they said it was an express bag they left. HAven't actually seen the bag but I would never send a $1000 anything in an uninsured bag. It is a prepaid satchel, not for items of value.
  5. Contact your CC co. IMO, any company shipping such value should ship INSURED (which if stolen, lost, damaged, then THEY can file a claim. AND should ship such value w/ Signature confirmation). If they did NOT, sucks to be them, IMO. Shipping that value of merchandise w/out sig and insure is very lax on the part of the shipper.
    Contact your CC co about a charge back for goods not delivered.
  6. Good luck, hopefully you still can do the charge back with your cc co. Some cc are very flexible to grant charge back (mine however would not do anything after 8 months of a transaction.