Help! How do I clean my Cashew Stam hobo

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  1. Hey all, I've had my Cashew stam hobo since february and already it's getting dirty on the carrying handle. I love this bag, it's my first and only mj and i want to keep it around for a while, please tell me how you guys keep your mjs clean.

    I'm gonna call Mj anyway for help, but i'd like your ideas.

  2. have you tried baby wipes or apple guarde? I'd try the baby wipes first... and to prevent them from darkening, you should try to clean the handles regularly.
  3. i will try it and let ya know.
    thanks thithi
  4. i tried it, i don't think it was a very wise idea. i know it didn't work
    anyway i will contact marc jacobs, i don't think i damaged it but i will probably have to get it cleaned by them
    this purse if the most i ever spent on a piece of arm candy, i refuse to have it start looking old so soon.