Help! Help! Please, Help! Within Paypal the USPS shipping doc prints, but is blank!

  1. Hello,

    Help, please! :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:

    My USPS Priority Mail Customs Declaration CN22 label is printing fine, but the information is missing/blank (i.e. no addresses, no bar code, no check next to contents box, etc).

    I thought maybe it was just that eBay item transaction, but I tried to print two completely different eBay transactions shipping labels and both were missing the information.

    I have completed these labels and printed them many times prior with no problems. I need to ship the packages asap, they are International and intended as holiday gifts.

    I wrote to Paypal, but thought maybe you all could help me. Thank you within advance for any assitance you can provide. Happy Holidays, Becky
  2. It sounds like it is a USPS' problem instead of PayPal. I never printed international shipping label or customs form online before. I always go to the post office in person. Sorry, couldn't help much. Just make sure USPS doesn't charge you more than once. If they did, you could always cancel the shipping within 48 hours.