HELP!!! Have you seen these colors lately?...

  1. I'm looking for the Work, Weekender, or the Shopping styles in any of the following colors....

    Gray (Fall Winter 2005 or Spring Summer 2006)
    Navy (Fall Winter 2005)

    has anyone come across any of these and would like to tell me? I've searched EVERYWHERE and still haven't been able to find any of the colors.

    Yes, I've spent endless nights watching eBay hoping one would show up. I desperately want and need these colors.:crybaby:
  2. You might want to check out Barney's NY, from what I remember they had a lot of Gray Bbags...I don't remember what styles they were though
  3. Check Aloha Rag for the cornflower weekender. There was one on a recent PDF.
  4. There is an Origan Shrug on eBay right now.
  5. Yeah I remember they have a bunch of Greige ones. So I called them last night and this super snappy girl helped me and she said she has a SS 06 Gray Work, when I told her to see if it's a "Y" tag just to verify she tells me, "Well, I don't have it in my hands I just know I have it":cursing: I might have to just order it from them and hope that's the right color.
  6. Ask for Lilly at Barneys NY, she was super nice when I bought my Ink Twiggy!

    I wish you well,

  7. yikes...that'd be a negatory on those older colors (navy and origan are a definite NO in any store!!)...maybe try ebay? greige MIGHT still be out there, try NM?? :shrug:
  8. there's a greige city on ebay right now, an origan shrug on ebay AND an origan city on Ann's.
  9. Well, Diabro had the Origan Work but I missed out on it. And I know some stores still have FW 2005 bigger bags...worth a shot to ask though