Help Has anyone seen a black Betty on sale?

  1. trying to find one.
  2. No, but I believe Kirna Zabete in NYC has Betty's in grey, tan, beige rose (large) for $900
  3. Ok couldn't find black so I got choc. $716 shipped from Saks.
  4. ^^ Great deal. Where did you find yours? I'm contemplating a Betty for myself.
  5. Shoot, the SA from Saks just called me and she lost the bag. It was going to be a charge send. I'm sure the other SA sold it herself. BOOOOOOO
  6. Oh No!!
    That's a great price.
    Hope they find your bag!
  7. If it helps at all, that would have NOT been the largest size, which I thought you wanted, but I am not sure.
    That price would be the middle size.
  8. actually that is somewhere close to the new price of the large betty. I just called Nordstrom and I'm getting the price adjustment on my recent purchases, an additional 30% off. they were already 40% off. So my small betty satchel which was on sale for $899. will now be $629. I had the larger one at first and exchanged it for the smaller of the two and I loveit. Also my anthracite paddy is now a total of $700. I can't stand it. thanks to the forum yeah. ps the black was never on sale.
  9. All I can say is WOW and tPF is awesome, isn't it?
  10. thanks everyone. How can I get Nordies to pm the 30% from saks????
  11. There's one on ebay ........ 300000963909. Great seller & deal!