Help - Gotta have Metallic Black Reissue

  1. I am in desperate need.....ok......WANT:yahoo:WANT:yahoo:WANT a crackled distressed lambskin metallic black flap in the 226 or 227 size. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. As fas as I know, they are sold out (in US) espcially 227.
    Anyway, after calling almost 50 stores, I found Bloomies in NY and Bloomies in Chest Nut Hill have 226 and 228; but, it's almost a week (after I called) I don't know whether they still have it in stock.

    Good luck!
  3. have you tried eBay resellers??
  4. Yes, it was almost sold out in US because I have called the 1800 Chanel and the customer service checked the stock in all the Chanel Boutique and is all sold out.

    I did finally manage to buy one (Jumbo Metallic Black Reissue) in Bloomingdales, Chestnut Hill but it was one week ago.

  5. I called the Chestnut Hill store and was told that they sold the LAST jumbo. I was looking for a 225 and I decided to pass on the 226. Now that I regret for not being able to find either one. :sad:
  6. Meeju -- You called 50 stores? WOW. Did you find what you were looking for?

    Last week I probably called about 15 stores or so looking for a black metallic 226. Here were my results:

    Bergdorf Goodman: out

    Bloomingdales: South Coast Plaza and 59th Street out. (Chestnut Hills didn't return my call; I really need to call them tomorrow!)

    Neiman Marcus: Las Vegas, Natick, Plano, San Francisco, Scottsdale, Short Hills, Troy, Tyson's Galleria all out; Natick had sold out just days before. Downtown Dallas didn't return my call. Possible 227 at Boca Raton. (I spoke to SA Jaclyn who couldn't give me a definitive answer at the time, but she didn't sound too confident in her Chanel knowledge either.)

    Nordstrom: Seattle, Mall of America, Topanga out. (Per Carolyn at MOA, their location only ordered 2 of each size in each color and the waitlists were crazy.)

    Saks: I didn't bother calling Saks after Damian informed me that Saks didn't even bring in the 226 size.

    I did leave my name and ph # with most of the stores I called, hoping a return might come in but my hopes aren't as high as they once were... :crybaby:
  7. Hello!
    I saw a couple on ebay from some reputable sellers.
    They are going for close to 4000. Is that a price hike?!
  8. To tell you the truth, I did. :s I'm particularly interested in 227..
    I opened US map and then filled out the city (& state) on, then it came up with the department store phone I called.

    - First I called stores in states in the middle (of the map); 800, Nordies (MOA), Saks, NM (NM in Troy have one gold in 226 or 225, if I remembered correctly), Chanel in Canada...
    - Then I called stores in states on the east side; Saks, NM, Bloomies, Jeffery (they just got the medium flap lambskin with turquoise which sounds yummy :girlsigh:), Hirschleifer's ...
    - After that I called stores in states on the west stide; Saks, NM, Maxfield, Nordies, Chanel in Hawaii ...


    Finally, a SA from Saks said the system showed the last one ..she ordered it for me, but it's not guarantee that I will get it. She put my name down for a week already, with no luck yet. I called another Saks, a SA said it might be the system error because she double checked and non left. :push:
  9. I'm pretty sure that Saks did NOT order any reissues except for the patent black. I'm guessing your SA saw the hybrid flap with the distressed leather and MM lock. Unless Saks did a new order?
  10. ^
    I didn't mean the Metallic Black, specifically.

    When I called, they asked the color I wanted..I said.."any color, in large size". Then, I said "I've the style number, if you could look it up on your computer", so I was sure that the stores and I were on the same page (of what kind of bag).

    My intention is to get reissue 227..and that's it.
  11. Did you try calling the Holt Renfrew stores in Canada? I debated calling Canada but I thought between the conversion rate and shipping the cost of the bag might be comparable to the price of the reissues for S/S 08.
  12. twinks97, yes..I did..I called CC boutiques in Vancouver & Toronto. The SAs said all 227 is sold out:crybaby:. They also said they have some similar style, but not the reissue 227....:sad:.

    Oh! talking about this..reminded me of calling some Saks...
    The SAs said they have it in stock, so I was so happy...:yahoo:
    Then, I asked them to describe it for me, they said it's pebbled leather..MM lock..with chain
    So, I asked about the HW on the chain, they said it's like the classic flap(leather interwoven in chain)..I said "NO, I'm looking for all metal chain"...:shocked:
    Then, they said "this is this year's reissue, the one that you're looking is from last year" ...:hrmm:
    I thought to myself...REALLY??:confused1::confused1: (coz I've not seen it in reference library before)..

    Anyway, my heart is broken again...:crybaby:
  13. Well I'm not sure if this is exactly what you want but I spoke to Laura at Saks Chevy Chase and she said they have a 'reissue' 227 in metallic black ('black with a sheen') with MM lock but the classic chain (leather intertwined with metal). They also have it in dark brown. The price is $2695. They also have a black coco crock satin for $3395 (g/h). Call her at (301)6579000 ext 5358.
  14. Thanks so much to everyone for all of your help. So far I haven't found one, I guess I waited too long, but I sure appreciate the fact that everyone is so up-to-date on what is available. I am still going to hold out hope, because it is TDF!!! LOL!!!
  15. With some perseverance, you can definitely find your TDF bag. I almost gave up the hope of the Jumbo BM Reissue a few week ago. Then I decided to pull myself up and start calling everyshop on the map of US. Then I find Bloomies. So keep it up, I am sure there is still hiding somewhere the MB reissue.:tup: