Help - got new speedy 25 damier ebene, should I have gotten the mono instead??

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  1. Hello All,

    I just got a new speedy 25 in the damier ebene pattern for reasons of not worrying about the vachetta getting dirty and also because it's more low-key than the mono.

    My question is: I read on this forum that many with speedy damiers have had peeling of the leather, that is the glaze coming off, is that true and is it worth it or should I exchange for the mono instead? Pls share your experiences. I know that in the first year, the repairs are free but I don't want to go thru the hassles if it's going to happen for sure. Pls respond if it does or does not happen to you. thanks so much!!
  2. No problems with Damier Speedy - it's the neverfull that has issues. I love my Damier Speedy - use it constantly with no problems. I think this is EXTREMELY rare. Enjoy your bag!
  3. I haven't had problems with the handles on my Speedy at all, and I'm (notoriously) hard on bags.
  4. No problems with mine either
  5. All, thanks so much for taking the time to write. I feel better knowing that there are lots of people out there who have the same bag and don't have any problems. I can't wait to use it.

    I actually am waiting for a strap to come in the mail from another store, so I can hold it on my shoulders and even as a crossbody bag. I use my hands too much to not have any straps. Anyone out there do this also and if so, does it change the shape of the bag in any way? I am willing to take that chance since I love the bag so much. Thanks!
  6. I haven't had any problems with my Damier pieces, and I've used them for years.
  7. I have not had any probs with damier.

    I LOVE damier ebene, as charleston-mom said, it is rare and a lot less people have it compared to mono. It's also surprisingly more versatile than mono is.