Help! Got a BR cashmere *hoody* and have no clue what to wear with it!

  1. I got some nice gifts for Christmas! :yahoo: Including a Banana Republic cashmere black turtle neck and black hoody (link below). I love the turtle neck - but I have NO idea what to wear with the zip-up hoody! It's entire being perplexes me!! It's cashmere, which equals luxuriousness - but the way it looks... I mean, it's a hoody - equals loungey, lounge wear to me.. but it's cashmere! Cashmere to me is too nice to be simple lounge wear. Argg what to do, what to do...:confused1:

    The model in the pic wearing the black one is wearing a plaid skirt - not a match look for me :push:. How would you dress it up? I don't want to be librarian-ish :s
  2. Congratulations on the sumptuous new tops! I think you can make the most out of it being both a hoodie AND cashmere by pairing it with dark jeans, a nice leather bag, and a sequin tank -- definitely casual chic at its best.
  3. ^^ so I'm thinking dark wash skinny jeans with leather boots (knee-high above the jeans I think... or ankle boot below the skinny...?) on bottom - don't have any of those above options for under the hoody... the girl in the gray is wearing a nice green under her's... maybe I could throw in green as well? Or too much, stick to gray as an under-color?
  4. That sounds like a great idea. Loving the laid back hoodie with the sequin tank. It dresses things up a bit, but is still definitely casual chic. Great suggestion!
  5. That looks so comfy! I would wear it with dark wash skinny jeans, heels or flats, and a dressy tank underneath. I would pair a large bag with it. :yes:
  6. Black Balenciaga moto city we thinks?

    But carried on arm? Maybe even tuck away the tassles?
  7. Keep the tassles! :yes: Maybe don't carry it on the shoulder? Hmm I don't know.
  8. :heart: your City! I like to wear black hoodies with a colorful scarf ... UO has some really cute ones!


    Maybe worn this way?

  9. Yeah I was going to write that - on my arm, not on the shoulder with heels typically (just my personal taste/style). I go on the shoulder when I'm being more loungey :p

    ^^^ love the scarf suggestion! Unfortunately I only have 2 really bulky scarves from H&M, and a cashmere Burberry one in novacheck. Hmm...maybe I could do the burberry one with it? Being it won't logo clash or anything with such a muted outfit? :confused1:
  10. We are alike..I carry my bags on my arm with heels usually. It's just my preferred style. ;) I think the Burberry would be fine! Too bad we weren't neighbors or something..LOL. I have this terrific Missoni scarf that would look fantastic with your outfit. :yes:
  11. I love my black cashmere hoody!! It's sadly getting all pilly (may have to replace it soon).
    Definitely don't wear it with a skirt if you don't want to look frumpy. The baggier fit + casual-ness of the hood will clash with a skirt (especially a fuller one, like on the BR website... I don't like that pairing either!). Wear it with nice jeans and a cute tank top (like everyone else already said).
    I also like to wear mine with track/velour pants when I'm running errands. It makes my outfit look a little nicer than a plain hooded sweatshirt, but it still has a comfy, cute look.
  12. Come on over to NY! ;) :tup:
  13. I think a big problem (for me, at least) is that it's really long... It's also pretty baggy. It's a size small and the turtle neck I got is an XS - and they're both a little big - but the hoody is baggy. Arg :s
  14. Can someone gimme a visual on the sequin tank?

    And what shoes with this??
  15. I think your way overthinking this. You can wear a cashmere hoodie exactly like you'd wear any other sweater. jeans, black pants, leggings; boots, sneakers, ballet flats, really anything!