Help! Givenchy Mini Antigona: Buy or Not??

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  1. Hi all, I've been thinking about getting mini antigona for over a year, but I always ended up buying something else, I just bought 2 chanel bags last week, but I'm considering to get mini yellow antigona now because I don't have any yellow bag in my collection. For those who have mini antigona, are you ladies happy with your purchase? Do you find the bag is heavy after you put your stuff in? I'm quite petite and most of my bags are mini, I can't stand heavy bag. Do you think Antigona just a trendy piece or more like a classic? What do you think about this yellow colour? Please share your opinions, thank you!

    IMG_0393.jpg IMG_0394.jpg
  2. Love the mini size and have several. It's a lightweight bag, and its weight when full of course depends on what you fill it with...simple as that.

    Also, love the yellow color as I have a small Pandora in a similar shade. However, be wary of color transfer as the portion of the bag that rubs against your clothes will likely have some transfer (for my Pandora, it's happens a bit on the handle but not terrible).
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  3. I think the size is perfect and color amazing
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  4. I really think that yellow is a great color to add to any collection, and I think a structured style will do this bright color justice since the minimalistic design goes well with the bright color. You can even add a scarf to the handles to maintain the color there and add some dynamic colors at the same time.
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  5. I've never had a yellow bag so I can't comment on the colour, but the Mini Antigona is a classic and the size is so practical. I've seen celebrity Morgan Stewart carrying the bag in yellow a lot, it seems to be one of her favourite bags. She looks absolutely chic and stylish carrying it. I've attached photos. Good luck with your decision.
    IMG_8408.JPG IMG_8409.JPG
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  6. I ended up selling my black mini antigona.
    It didn't suit me (I'm better suited to slouchy pandoras, totes, backpacks), the handles annoyed me every time I tried to put something in or take stuff out of it. I hated how it didn't sit neatly against my side but instead stuck out awkwardly and would always bump into people -crowded in HK. I did want to love the bag so much, after wanting an antigona for years. Not sure if it helps, but that's just my experience.
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  7. Rina337 - following up on your comment- did you have a hard time reaching things in the bag? I went to Nordstrom to look at the bag since I have been eyeing it for a long time now. I love the look, the quality of the leather but when I tried to get my hand in the bag itself as if I was using it, to try to reach to things inside I was annoyed that it seemed hard to work with it. The leather is really stiff (which can be a good thing) but I feel like the bag fits tons but it would drive me insine to find anything in it since it is hard to work around the opening/zipper. Did you experience that?
    Thank you for your feedback
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  8. I love Givenchy's leather, my pandoras have held up brilliantly after years of solid use. I found that I caught my rings on the handles a lot, the zipper was forever scraping my hand but I didn't want to bend/flex the handles out of the way too far and distort the silhouette. As I have a range of pouches it wasn't too hard to find what I wanted, might be different if you have lots of little things floating about.
  9. Thank you very much for your feedback. That definitely helps me to make a decision. What you described is exactly what I feared. To pay close to 2K dollars on that bag it must be a winner and I don't think this one will be. Thanks again!!!
  10. I forgot to press the reply button. I answered above. Thank you dear!!
  11. Thank you all for for your opinion, I decided not to buy it, I don't think yellow colour could easily match my daily outfit, but maybe someday I will buy it in other colour, just because I love the style so much.
  12. I recommend black calf skin. Givenchy has really well-made shiny calf. It’s so luxury and gorgeous. My mini antigona(black calf skin) is one of my most fav bags. It could go with both casual look and dressy look. And again the shiny calf skin is really really luxury
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  13. I am so glad that you posted this question because I am trying to decide between buying the Mini Antigona or the Small Antigona. I like the crossbody option of the Mini, but the space of the small would be a nice bonus. I understand your struggle because I bought a Speedy B 25 a few months ago and LOVE IT! It fits everything I need but I got this because I could not decide on which size Antigona to get.
  14. Not sure if you already made a decision but I just got the mini today and I think I will be happy with it. Reasons I bought the mini and not the small. Although the small might have more room inside the strap is really useless. I went to Nordstrom to try both the mini and the small and there was no way I could use the small since I was planning to make use of the strap. The strap is so short that the bag handles hit under your armpit. Since I am planning to get a Speedy 30 there was no point in having two handheld bags. So I decided to get the mini. The zipper is stiff as well as the handles but I am hoping it will soften after some use. I wanted to have the crossbody option. One thing I must say, I am really happy I didn't pay full price on that bag. I pove high end designers but it would have been really painful to pay $1790 US dollars on that mini bag
    Hope this helps
  15. Does anybody have the white sugar goatskin version? I wonder how the leather will hold up over time...