Help! Gift ideas

  1. I pulled my sister in laws boyfriend in the family gift exchange. I have met this guy once , they have been dating for 6 weeks and now I have to buy a gift worth $100 for him. My husbands family doesn't get along well and I really can't ask her what he would like. I need some big ideas quick! Any help would be soooo appreciated. :crybaby:
  2. A gift certificate to an electronics store or Home Depot? Most of the men I know are into electronics or tools.

  3. Great idea about the elctronics: music or gadgets!

    That way you aren't in a pickle if't make it until Christmas gift exchange!:shame:

    I hope that' s not offensive, I'm too practical and got caught once myself...:lol:
  4. Don't worry that is my feelings exactly!!! Those thoughts are so great! I love that buckle! I might just have to get that for my hubby!
  5. I always think gift certificates to the movie theatre are a good way to go. You could add another certificate for a dinner out at a restaurant too.
  6. Kiehl's makes some aweome men's products. My DH, who is totally not into products, loves them and is a total convert.
  7. He is a real pretty boy so I was thinking some products, but I thought it might be to personal????
  8. I vote for a dinner gift take your sister in law out to dinner since you don't know him so well.