Help from SA about an exchange?

  1. I am wondering if any SA's out there will help me with a question about an exchange. I bought the medium Carly in khaki/chocolate with my PCE. I really wanted a lighter color leather for spring. Well I called JAX and they told me they would have the khaki/ natural in about 2 weeks. My question is.... I have not used the bag I bought yet. Will my local Coach store let me exchange it for the khaki/ natural or will I have to pay the difference? I did mention this to the SA when i bought this bag. She even said sometimes they bring back a color. Any help is appriciated. :sweatdrop:
  2. Macys' has the Carly in khaki/ natural NOW...I just saw it today!
  3. Maybe I should call my local store. Since I bought it with the PCE there is about an $87.00 difference. I will wait and see what others have to say about the exchange.
  4. as long as it stays brand new and unused, they will take it back and exchange it without you having to pay the difference. if you decide to change the bag and not get the carly, then you will have to pay the difference.
  5. I love buying at the Coach stores just for that reason. They will take back things (still new) anytime to exchange for new. :tup:
  6. Thanks for all the advice. I haven't even taken it out of the dustbag.:yahoo:
  7. O.k. just talked to an SA at my local Coach. She said not a problem as long as the bag I purchased is not used and has the tags still on. We were both on line during the conversation and noticed the Carly pouch is available in the saddle, so she said they just might bring the medium Carly back in that color too, since it was so popular. I think that color along with the natural would be very popular this spring. I really wanted the saddle color anyway. I will just be patient.:lol:
  8. Can someone post a picture of the natural? I would love to see it!