Help from Chloe Bay owners!!

  1. Hi Ladies,
    I am new to this form and want to purchase a Bay. I live in Denmark and my husband is in Boston right now on business and is going to go to NM to buy it for me. (It is much cheaper to do it in the states!) My questions are:
    1. I am 5'3" in your opinion is the bag going to look/be too big? I have a baby and one thought is I can carry all my stuff plus the babies with me...
    2. I am interested in the Bay tote in Navy. How dark and how shiny is it? Is the black better? I like the Mocha but they don't have it.
    3. What color is the lining?
    4. Can you wear the tote on your shoulder? or are the straps to short or bag too big?

    Thanks for the help and I would LOVE to see pic's of your Bays too!
  2. You should have your Husband go to bloomingdales, then you can get 20% off.
  3. are they on sale there? Is there one in the boston area? I just see Chestnut Hill on the Bloomies website.
  4. Never mins Ali W the Bloomindales in Boston doesn't have the Bay:crybaby: so I guess it is retail price for me....
  5. is it the quilt or the non quilt version you are going for :smile:
  6. Hi Katieboo,

    As regards colour- I don't really know, as I only had eyes for camel so didn't notice the other shades, but people here have been saying navy is gorgeous.

    I have a (non quilted) bay and am 5'2", and it is a big bag, but not ridiculously so.

    It holds lots, so will be good for you with a baby (though obviously if you put loads in it it will look bigger).

    It sits neatly on the shoulder (though I don't carry much in mine- if it was full this may not be the case), but it might not sit so well in winter in more/thicker layers.

    My sister says she doesn't understand how I manage to carry my bay around, as well as my baby twins and their stuff, while she has one baby and can only cope with messenger style bags. But if there is a will to carry a beautiful bag there is a way!!! So if you love it go for it, you'll get real pleasure out of it.
  7. Well said! :roflmfao:

    What style of Bay are you looking for? I think that will help us give you some advice. There are so many! Here's a list (Bay experts, please add to it if I have forgotten some):

    In the non-quilted Bay :
    regular satchel/tote
    satchel/tote with messenger strap
    East-West satchel
    Bay shopper
    Bay hobo
    shoulder/messenger Bay
    medium shoulder Bay (the one with the double pockets that messengerbaglover has)

    Quilted Bay:


    And here's a link to the Bay reference thread:

    Good luck!
  8. Hi LovMmyGirls0 and RubyLola,

    Thanks for your replys. I should have been more clear about the bag. Sorry.

    It is the regular satchel/tote, I am not really a fan of the quilted for some reason, though I like it on other people. I have the Navy on hold at NM but I am thinking of getting the camel instead now. I was thinking it might look less formal and since I am not working it might be better for everyday non-work use. BUT I do like the Navy. It is SO hard to make up my mind!!! AAHH!

    Does anybody know how shiny the Navy or black is? Is like a patent (spelling) leather?
  9. Hi Ruby Lola,

    Does your camel show dirt easily? I know it is tanish color but I am still curious.

    Also, is it Calf or lamb skin? how heavy is it? what color is the lining?

    I think I am leaning toward the Camel. It is such a beautiful bag!

    Thanks for the help. It is hard when you can't see the bag in person! plus I am indecisive!
  10. Hi Katieboo,

    the camel is calfskin leather, at first I was concerned about the leather as it seemed very fragile- almost papery, in comparison to my paddington leather (which is thicker). But now that I've used the bag daily for about a month I am confident that the leather is very durable- it still looks as perfect as when I bought it, the shape is still spot on and I no longer feel concerned that it is fragile.

    I think it is quite a light bag, but I was carrying a paddington for months- which is not a great comparison, so i have weighed it empty and it is 1.5kg.

    The lining is cream cotton, in the same style as the heavy (lined texture) cotton canvas lining of the paddington.

    It doesn't seem to show dirt at all, though I am careful not to put it on the ground etc, so i don't think it could be particularly dirty.

    The thing that surprised me about it when i saw it in real life was the distressed look of the finish, it almost looked as if the leather had been all scrunched up then smoothed out and varnished, while I was expecting uniform coloured leather, but this actually (while it might not sound it) makes the bag look really expensive and unique.

    One of my favourite things about the bag (which is a really small thing, but I think, super stylish) is the long leather pull/thread attached to the zip pull. Instead of being the same colour as the rest of the bag, it is a gorgeous shimmery grey-bronzey colour (the leather piping trim around the zip of the inside zip compartment is the same leather), which is a really nice feature.

    Finally (whew!), my husband, who has a really good eye for nice things, but never shows much interest in my coats/ bags etc (not in a bad way!), commented that he thinks it is a beautiful bag, looks really expensive, and is (gulp, alot of the chloe girls aren't going to like this) alot nicer than my paddington,

    so he and I both give it the big thumbs up.

    Let me know what you do,

  11. Hey Rubylola,

    Thanks for all the info.! That is really helpful. At this point (and with the help of your posts) I have decided on getting the camel color. I think it is the best choice for me. I do wish I could have the navy too!!! My husband won't buy it until wed. since he is busy at his conference so I will have to obessess about my choice until then...:confused1:

    Thanks again for your help and I'll post a pic when I get the Bay! I am so excited!!:yahoo:

    Thanks again,
  12. BTW Rubylola, the SA at Neiman's said the leather is Lamb. She said the whole line in that type of bag is lamb. But I still am wondering if she is right.... either way I am happy though.
  13. Hi Katieboo,

    the camel is definitely an excellent choice!!!

    regarding the leather, there does seem to be alot of confusion about lambskin/calfskin (there is another thread about it and a PFer says she has one of each, both from NM, see ).

    I thought mine was lambskin from the care card which is a bit vague, but on closer inspection of the tags, the round chloe tag opens to give more info, and says inside that the bag is 100% veau, (and the lining is cotton). I would maybe ask the SA to check inside this tag- the big round tag that says Chloe), though it maybe the case that some are lamb, some calf:confused1:

    Anyway, it is a fabulous bag- let me know if you go ahead,

    best wishes x