HELP! flavor water on my denim mini pleaty!

  1. aaah. my brother spilled flavor water on my mini pleaty!
    just a little, but what do i dooo?
    it bleeded in to the middle a little bit!!
    the water was clear!
    i cant get pics!
  2. oooh.. bvbirdygirl... I hope someone answers you soon. So sorry about your pleaty such a adorable bag.
  3. its sticky! but im patting it with a damp cloth.
  4. Ugh. Good luck. I feel for you sistah.
  5. bv... there was thread where one PFer actually cleaned her bag and she used a hair dryer to gently dry the alcantara lining.
    So keep dapping away... I'm sure the experts will be here soon.

    Hang in there!
  6. i just kept dabbing it, and it seems fine... but i wont know until it dries...
    :'( poor baby...
  7. Is it just damp with water now? Maybe should try using your hairdryer on low and use it very gently to dry her.
  8. its fine now :biggrin:
  9. Good job, bvbirdygirl!:yes:
  10. hehe^^^ thanks... im an lv hero! :p
    don't take handbags swimming...
  12. lol. thanks for the tip ;)
  13. i think lv sprayed something on the denim material to protect it..i thought i read that in the book that came with it...

    glad everythings ok now!
  14. I was the one who had my denim green pleaty fall in a bucket of mop water-lucky it was clean water with organic cleaner (no chemicals). The whole purse was soaked. I tried to get the water out with a towel and then used a hair dryer to dry it outside and inside, I pulled the inner lining out and dried it with the hair dryer, it looks as good as new. Even the leather was spotless with no water marks. I think baby wipes would also work if you pressed and not rubbed on any stains on the denim bags.