Help! First Balenciaga - is this a good color IRL and good size for work?

  1. I have the GH Truffle Part Time and I LOVE it. Love the color and love the style. Why would you pay above retail for it though? I'm sure you could easily find one at BalNY.

    Oops, just re-read your post! You might check Bluefly religiously as they had that exact bag for way below retail. They sold out immediately but I bet there will be returns rolling in.
  2. I wouldn't really get my hopes up on finding it on Bluefly. I haven't seen any GH bags on there for at least a couple of weeks...yet the matelasse ones keep reappearing. I think maybe people will resell the GH ones on eBay for a profit if not returning them. I mean, I guess it is possible, but the likelihood seems very low....
  3. Glimmer - have you done a photo of you modeling the GH part time? I would love to see it! :smile:
  4. Thank you so much guys for your advice, I actually have one in my bluefly cart right now and thinking whether I should go ahead with the purchase as I'm brand new to Balenciaga and have not seen the giant city one IRL and not sure whether it is a good buy as my first B!:sweatdrop: I posted the eBay link because I think it has better photos!:p
  5. I did it!!:yahoo: Can any B bag lovers tell me a bit more about this bag? Please excuse my ignorance, many thanks!!:yes:
  6. Bagladybow, you bought the Matelasse or the GH City?
  7. the giant city in truffle - same as the ebay link in my first post! Wondering whether it is a strong enough bag to carry some files or a small laptop! Many thanks!!:yes:
  8. Oh my gosh ... I can't believe it ... I guess I have to eat my words !!! *lol* Congrats!!

    The GH bags seem more substantial/thicker leather and sturdier than the RH bags, so I think it will be strong enough - the question is, is it big enough? I really don't think the City is big enough to be very useful for laptop and/or files. But I was wrong about the Bluefly thing so you'll probably prove me wrong again. ;)
  9. Thanks Fiatflux!! I don't think you were wrong, I just happened to land this on Bluefly by luck as Bluefly seems to be a bit sneaky with their listings especially during sale time!!:p

    As I'm new to Balenciaga, not sure what the size difference is between a "normal" city and giant city, the size of the giant city accordingly to the listed dimensions is about the same as the Chole non-quilted bag which I've seen IRL, so I thought it may be big enough...any thoughts anyone??:confused1: Many thanks!

    Also have not seen the truffle color IRL, it is nice? as most people seem to think black looks best!
  10. fiatfux,
    I just bought the same Balenciaga truffle goatskin 'Giant City' medium bag from Bluefly this morning. :yahoo: This is also my first Balenciaga. I was wondering whether yours was authentic bc I've heard that bluefly had authenticity problems in the past. Thanks!
  11. oops, sorry last msg was for bagladybow