Help finding jeans...

  1. I'm looking for petite jeans with a mid to high rise. I can only find them at Do any designers jeans come in a high rise with a shorter length? I have enough low rise jeans and I'm really looking forward to the higher rise trend, but I just can't find any! TIA.
  2. Both Paige and Sevens come in petite inseams. I am a fan of the higher rises too (8" and higher) so look into the Paige Rising Glen, Hidden Hills, or Robertsons. Good luck!
  3. seven makes hi-rise jeans as well i believe.
  4. thanks.
  5. Paige Hollywood Hills have a higher rise. You can also look into James Jeans -- they have a higher rise in the back (to prevent flashing your underwear) that I like. Joe's also have a petite cut, but I forgot the style name. Hope this helps!
  6. I looked at revolve clothing and also the Paige website and I couldn't find any of those listed with a shorter length, they were 34." Where can I order these in shorter length?
  7. If you go to the Paige section on there is a separate petite section that shows the Melrose, Blue Heights, and Hollywood Hills styles in petite. You can also type petite in the search box and it will show you all of the petite styles in all of the designers. I also love Joe's Provocateurs, but those have a lower rise.
  8. I looked at those petite Paige ones but but they are all low rise. I've looked at a bunch of websites, I don't think there exists any higher rise ones that are petite. Has anyone seen any anywhere?
  9. the highest rise I've found in Joes is 8inches in some of the provocateur washes. the Dylan wash is 8 inch rise with a 30in inseam.

    The paige jeans all say 7 inch rise but some are shorter - 29 inseam.
  10. Chip and Pepper Olivia have a mid to high rise.