Help, fake Gucci!

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  1. Not sure if this belongs here, but the dilema I have is that me being stupid, have bought a bag of eBay that when it's turned up is a blantant fake, poor workmanship, not leather & print used on the tag is all wrong. :crybaby:
    I have opened a dispute up with paypal, but in the sellers description they have said they will not accept returns.
    Do I need to provide proof to paypal that this is fake, etc?
    Quite worried now, I checked out the sellers other items before bidding and they looked good to me & her feedback was 100% positive.
    Does anybody think I will be able to get my money back?

    Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. Did you pay via paypal funded by credit card? If so dont worry you can do a chargeback thru your credit card. Usually the seller will refund your money especially if they have a 100% feedback. They try to sell fakes to unknowing customers if it goes thru fine otherwise they will refund and relist it. Dont worry you should be ok. If paypal asks you to send item back make sure you take several pictures and send it via trackable delivery confirmation. Let us know what happened.Good luck. I never deal with eBay ever.
  3. I got sold a fake Gucci off eBay once back last October. The seller accepted returns, but I explained to them that it was a fake bag. They said no this is real (totally wasn't-- was to be my first Gucci so I DEFINITELY didn't know just by the pics), but they accepted a return.
    The response from people on here, etc from me having received a fake which I got was to first bring it to the attention of the seller. If they "guarantee" authenticity or say in the auction that it's authentic, then tell them, it's a fake, in the nicest way possible, and that you've filed a dispute about the item which you'll carry out until you receive a refund. Let them know you mean business but not to the point where they'll just end up enjoying making the situation difficult.