Help end hunger with one vocab word at a time!


    For every vocabulary word you get right, they'll donate 20 grains of rice to starving people. 20 grains may not sound like much, but it adds up, so go learn some new words and help end world hunger!
  2. I did this the other day. I belive I got the link from another thread.
  3. I did it too the other night. Boy is it addictive! I gave 9000.00 grains of rice!
    My eyes were blurry towards the end- like an hour later!
    It is so much fun, I have been telling everyone about it!
  4. Phew! I just donated 380 grains.
  5. I just donated a thousand in about 5 minutes lol I love vocab words! Thanks for this site!
  6. I'm up to 1100, however, how do I donate it?!?!
  7. You don't need to do anything except play! The rice is payed for by the companies that advertise on the site, I believe.
  8. This is so addictive! I'm at 3300 grains of rice but my eyes hurt.
  9. I already posted a thread about this website :yes:
  10. Thanks! So addicting! And I'm finally learning all those SAT words I could never remember (or so I thought..I'm doing pretty good)
  11. You have now donated
    2420 grains of rice.

  12. daughters GT teacher just emailed me the link to this. What a great thing to do. You help even if you are broke!!! I will most def forward this site on to the people I know.
  13. Thanks for posting this! :woohoo: I must have missed it the first time :hrmm:
  14. Fun! I'm already up to 140 and still going! It is an addicting game lol.
  15. What a great site! I emailed it to my friends and added it to my favorites so I go on every day. Very much in the spirit of the Holidays. Happy holidays everyone! :heart::heart: