Help! Emp Métis or Emp Speedy

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  1. Hi everyone,
    Lot of us love emp line, I am one of them, i have been eye on these two bags for long time but cannot make decision, I have emp artsy in ombré and lumi in terre color, I love my Mono métis but I gave to my sister when I visited her oversea. For some reasons, I feel Métis look nicer on the taller people , I only 5"2', my sister rock this bag nicer than mine. Emp Speedy is always on my radar but do you think lumi serves the same purpose? My question is if you whew me, which bag you will get fist, what color? Why? If you have both bags, can u share the pros and cons? Thanks so much for helping!
  2. I post in the wrong place, can one of moderators help me to move the thread? Thanks!
  3. I would probably go for the Emp speedy. The Emp Metis strap is not adjustable like the mono. Its nice to have the strap extender on the Emp speedy.
  4. I have the artsy, metis and speedy b 25 in empreinte leather. I vote for the Speedy B 25 in Infini.
  5. The speedy I'm not a fan of the métis in empirente just in the mono
  6. Hi, I moved to main forum.

  7. I like the metis in mono better so I would go with the speedy in empreinte! so many beautiful colors to choose from....😜
  8. Thanks, elliespurse! :hugs::hugs:
  9. Since you. Already had and gave away the métis, I would go for a speedy this time! Maybe it will suit your needs better :smile:
  10. Emp. Speedy - get one in a great color since you have two neutral Emp. bags!
  11. Speedy!!!
  12. Speedy!
  13. speedy... I'm hopeless
  14. You're right, Metis seems to look better on tall people. The speedy is definitely a better choice.
  15. Emp Speedy