Help:edith Chloe/work Balenciaga

  1. Please,could you help me,I don't know what to do.
    I've bought recently a black twiggy from Balenciaga,and now I'm in love with this extraordinary leather.I've started to spare money to get a Work.To get it ,I've to go to Paris(I live near Tours,260 km from Paris),and I can't be sure if the color I want will be available,when I'll go the Balenciaga's shop.
    In Tours(the place where I live),there is a beautiful Black Edith(white stiches:drool: )available.
    If you were me:would you wait and buy the Work,or you wouldn't wait and buy the Edith?
    Many thanks for your help.I hope you'll understand my approx. english:shame:
  2. As you seem to want the Balenciaga more than the Edith, instead of making a long trip, why don't you call the boutique in Paris and ask if they have it in stock (and if not, when they will have it in stock) and whether they can send it directly to you (so you can inspect it at home).

    If it's no good, you can always return it for another one.

    Alternatively, if you really want to see it, in person, first, why not call ahead to make sure they have it, before you travel and if they do, ask them to keep it for you until you get there?

    Hope this helps! :biggrin:
  3. Dear Chloehandbags,I've just bought a whiskey Edith from a reputable seller on Ebay(I know her,she only sells beautiful and authentic bags!I bought from her in the past)for less than half price!So I can continue sparing(to spare?)money to get a Balenciaga these next weeks!I'm so happy:yahoo: :wlae:
  4. Happy for you. I just bought an ink work myself and love it.
  5. WOW Catcat,so lucky you're,the ink Work is gorgeous!
  6. goshhh that's such a big dilemma. i love both bags, but my priority is always my b-bags, i get my edith when i have no obsession with a balenciaga at that moment.
    edith is great for more serious look, although balenciaga is more versatile. it goes back to your needs & style/
    good luck :P
  7. :yahoo: I'll probably go to Paris on Monday...Bbags....I'm here:drool: !!!I'm really curious to see the new turquoise on reality...I'm quiet sure to buy one of this beautiful bag,I'll let you know the the Balenciaga forum!
  8. great decision :smile: however i wouldve added that why not call the store first and see what they have :nuts: so u know what are ur choices ;)
    and yes i vote wait for work!
  9. Take these two!

  10. good luck girl!!! :yahoo:
    can't wait to see ur thread in balenciaga forum! & good luck! :yes:
  11. I've called "le Printemps" and "le Bon Marché",both shops have some Works today(unfortunately,it changes everytime a "Bfan":nuts: enters in the Balenciaga corner!!!!)I'm really excited,my poor little Twiggy feels so alone...Hummmm,the choice will be hard:indian blue?Grey?Truffle?Chocolate....I'll let you know on Tuesday!
    I've received my Edith::love: .This morning,a woman asked me"beg you pardon,but your bag is so gorgeous!Where did you find it?":graucho:
    to be honest...I've loved that!
  12. Happy 4u :heart: Both are gooorgeous ...
    as for work .. i say go for blue india , it would be great practical color :heart:
    OT: if i may ask how much is the work in paris?
  13. The Work costs actually 1045 euros(1 euro=approx 1,29$).This price is for french purchasers,foreigners have a "tax-free".Hope you'll understand my approx. english!:flowers: