Help: ebay dispute regarding counterfeit scam

  1. I recently received some JC bags that I bought from the same seller on ebay, the seller guaranteed that the bags are authentic JC products, but they are all fake, shipped directly from China. I filed a dispute to claim a full payment refund, but seller only agrees to refund me the cost less the shipping charges. what should I do so I can get all my money back. Girls, please help me out.
    The dispute transaction as follows:
    From buyer:
    The items I received are not authentic Juicy Couture product, seller only agrees to refund payment that deducts shipping cost.[​IMG]
    From seller:
    I have been told by my distributor that products are authentic juicy couture. The pics and descriptions on ebay were from the distributor and of the products that were sold to her. I told her that if she sent me the products back I would refund her cost less the shipping charges. I believe that is 100% fair... as I was clear and honest with her.

    What should I write in next?:sad:
  2. usually on the RETURN POLICY, the seller puts about wether he/she will also refund shipping which in most case, seller stated that he/she won't refund the shipping cost.
  3. how much is the shipping charge?
  4. it cost me $50.00 shipping fee for 4 bags.
  5. Seller's return policy:[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, Sans-Serif]Item must be returned within: [/FONT][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, Sans-Serif]7 Days[/FONT][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, Sans-Serif]Refund will be given as: [/FONT][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, Sans-Serif]Money Back[/FONT]
  6. hmm.. they didn't say anything about shipping refund?
  7. I'd reply back saying

    "Selling counterfeit goods is ILLEGAL. Why should I pay any monies to sustain an ILLEGAL business??"

    Wonder what Ebay will say to that??

    Good luck!

  8. I had a claim against a seller and Paypal only made them return the price of the item less shipping but Kathleen makes a hell of a point and I would definitely quote her to ebay and/or Paypal!
  9. Gal, the seller refunded my paypal after I filed a dispute to paypal, but I just found the bags I sent back to the seller now are on her ebay listing again, and she became "no longer register" before my case, how come ebay and paypal would so easily allow her to sell fakes again without any problem? I don't get it. BTW, the seller's ID is soverycouture[​IMG]
  10. Paypal & ebays policyt is to only refund the money of the item NOT shipping ...and you have to pay return shipping. It sucks. I just had this happen to me..fortunately I argued with seller that they overcharged me by $8.00 on shipping and I am getting half the shipping back.
    I also just bought something from Germany which cost $50 in shipping & I am praying that the bag is what the seller says it is.
  11. This irritates me to no end. Only refunding the amount still leaves them with nothing to lose in taking a chance in hopes the buyer doesn't notice. Plus, aren't YOU paying to ship it back also? So you're going to be out almost 100.00 for nothing. I also can't stand those 10% (or more) "restocking" fees and they'll be more than HAPPY to apply a money back guarantee. If they sell a 1000 bag and the buyer notices it's fake, the frauds are not only getting shipping covered, but 100.00 (10%) as well to throw the bag in a pile of their other Sh*t and call it restocking....PLUS get the fake bag back. They sell those for 50.00 on the street so they're making out either way. I say get ALL your money back and send the bag back COD, even if you have to file a dispute with your cc company for the remainder. You have the right to get the shipping back also. Yes, selling counterfeits is illegal, and you shouldn't have to pay one single dime. What are they going to do, file a compaint? Time is valuable enough.
  12. I agree surfer.....unfortunately those are paypal's & ebay's rules. They suck. regards to the 10% restocking fee...if you file a claim with paypal they won't get away with it!
  13. I hope buyers know that. I've read a few instances where the buyer is so relieved that the seller is more than willing to give a refund for 90 percent without a hassle (and some stupid "my supplier" explanation), that they are almost happy forfeiting the restocking fee. Then, for fear of retaliation don't leave feedback or leaves a positive (because they were refunded), then more victims continue to fall for the same bags. It just irks me.