Help do I pay??

  1. I have nearly 400 positive feedbacks and 100% on my eBay account so this is a first for me.

    BUT I bought a Mulberry bag this morning, it looked ok and the seller said there would be a receipt included. I didn't want to pay until I get home from work.

    In the meantime I checked with someone who recently bought a Mulberry bag from her and asked if she was happy?? She emailed me and asked to give her a ring on her mobile before I paid.

    I've rung her and she informs me that the bag she bought was a fake, she left positive feedback when it arrived but only after getting it checked did she realize that it's a good copy.

    The receipt was a photocopy of a photocopy and most of it blacked out.

    Now here's my dilemma...Do I pay, I have asked the seller to send me some clearer pictures and to confirm that the photocopy is the actual original.

    I've never not paid for an item before, but £165 is alot to pay for a replica, I know I have been impulsive again but have been caught out with fakes and I don't have a Mulberry shop local to me to authenticate......
  2. Don't pay and don't worry about - feedback. If she leave you - feedback, it'll be a boomerang for her since you'll be able to reply & leave her feedback that she's selling fake with fake receipt :push:
  3. Thanks for your support, really worried as this has never happened to me before but I don't want to pay until I'm 100% sure.
  4. YEs, don't pay it or even if it's possible, offer her to do meet-up
  5. Don't pay. If she tries to retaliate, she'll run into her own problems with your - feedback.
  6. Don't pay and then report the item even though it has ended as a fake. That way theres a chance even if she leaves you a neg that it with disapear when eBay removes her auctions (yes they will remove and void closed ones too)