Help: Dilemma - 32 or 35 kelly

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  1. hi all - am tiking of getting a 35 kelly but am worried it might be too big for everyday use for work. I adore Miroslava's look with her 35 croc kelly - tres chic. Am abt 5.6" in height and i alridi have a 28cm kelly. Posting some pics below and hoping to get some inputs from dear tpfers on which will size will be better for me - 32 vs 35 kelly:

    Also will really apprec any ladies out there with 32 / 35 kelly to post your action pics here for comparison (stating yr height).

    Miroslava look: love love love


    My 28cm ostrich kelly


  2. I think a 35cm kelly would look amazing on you. I am also in want of a 35cm. The 32 is kinda no man's land for me. The 28cm is a perfect "ladylike handbag" whereas the 35cm can be the "downtown chic" look. I say go for the 35cm. I'm still waiting for mine.... What color are you contemplating?
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  4. ladies thanks so much for the prompt response

    hermesmonkey - am actually contemplating preloved croc kelly in black or chocolate

    doloresmia - yes i did went throu the reference page and saw ILML's posting - am tiking 32 may be a tad too similar to my 28 kelly... hmmmm
  5. Bornfree, since you are contemplating crocs, are you thinking matte or shiny? If matte, go for a 35cm. I find the 35cm shiny crocs to look like briefcases. JMHO of course. If you want shiny, definitely get a 32cm. It's not as in your face and can be used both day and night. A 35cm in shiny will get banged up and show damages easily. Just my thoughts. Good luck and let us know what you decide!!!
  6. I have 28 (Sellier and Rotourne), 32 (Rotourne). I would like to add a 35 but only in Rotourne or in a Kelly Flat (Sellier style but softer and pliable). IMO, a 35 Sellier is too much like a briefcase although I'm sure much taller ladies would be able to wear it like a 32 Sellier. If you can go for both a 32 Sellier and a 35 Rotourne.

    ETA : You're 5' 6" with heels would be almost 6'? You should be able to rock a 35 Sellier too.
  7. I think both a 32 and 35 would look great on you!
  8. I agree with the others, sellier will look like a briefcase. Definitely retourne.

    I have a 28cm sellier, and its just too small, however, since I already have a 35cm Birkin, I don't my Kelly to be the same size. Thats the only reason I would prefer the 32 over the 35.

    Im 5'2" and Im waiting for a 32cm Kelly retourne.
  9. its pretty stressful to decide which is a better and more sutiable choice for me: the 35 seems to be in a better condition BUT its an older bag (1993 vs 1999). Am unsure if the 35 may look too big on me for work while i know the 32 will definitely fit the bill. On the other hand the chocolate 35 looks like a more unique color than the classic black?

    OMG - HELPPPP :confused1:
  10. Bornfree, may I add an comment here....

    I think you cannot go wrong with the 32. It is a safe choice if I may say so..... The one you have posted is alligator. You have to like the busy design of the center front scales. A black bag is always very useful. And you will probabely carry it with anything...

    The 35 is definitely a more daring choice. Not because of the color but because of the size. You will have to carry it a bit casually ( the attitude, not the clothing) if you want to get the full groove from it !I personnaly would go for it. It is extremely rarely seen. If you plan to take it for work, it is a perfect bag ! It is a perfect bag for anything but evening gown, so you know you are going to use it A LOT !

    As for invesment, both are fine, so you know you can give yourself a test-drive .... The only advice I would give you is to negociate the price, so you make sure you can get your money back if you ever want to part with the bag after a while....
  11. bornfree - ITA with pererare on how to wear the croc. lailat has a 35 croc that is TDF. she and i went to lunch a couple weeks ago and she looked great even in casual jeans and a sweater. not a hint of briefcase look about it, but as a vintage piece it has a softer edge. definitely gorgeous and head turning! personally i would go for a 35cm. i just got a 32 chevre retourne for xmas. i love it, but this is the smallest i would go. i just like bigger bags. i am 5 1, and an aspirational 5 5 in heels. haven't worn her yet but when i do, will take a picture for you. post 35

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  12. hermesmonkey, ms piggy, purse-o-holic - thank you all for your kind input :smile:

    perlerare - many thanks for helping me to dissect my dilemma - am certainly looking for a more casual/ verstaile look for my 2nd kelly and the 35 certainly sounds like a better fit. Like u said - its all abt the rith attitude when u carry it to bring out THE look. Thanks dear for the advise - u r such a sweetheart :heart:

    doloresmia - thanks so much for posting LailaT's posting! wow her action pics certainly lend another push for the size 35! :drool:
    And congrats on yr new kelly! certainly looking fwd to your action pics :okay: