Help! Decisions Decisions.....

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  1. Hey Y'all,

    I am thinking of making a new LV purchase sometime in the near future. I am torn between getting a Tivoli (although I am not sure about what size, PM or GM), or an Alma PM in Epi. I currently own an DE Speedy 35 and an Empreinte Artsy as well as some SLGs.

    My thought process goes like this....
    Tivoli PM: LOVE the look of this bag! and I don't currently have a Mono bag, but vachetta scares me. Also, it might be on the small side. I'm 5'2", but curvy so I tend to stick with the bigger bags so "I can hide." Also, not being able to carry on the shoulder seems limiting.

    Tivoli GM: I like this one too, just maybe not as much as I like the look of the PM. I can also foresee some issues like straps curling and whatnot. Also, this bag might be TOO big. Same worries here with the vachetta/patina. But I do like that it can be carried on the shoulders.

    Alma PM Epi: Love the classic design, and love that the epi line doesn't "scream" LV. I like that the bag can be carried by hand, or shoulder with the strap. I'm worried a little by the size, but my other bags are large so this could be a nice alternative. Another worry I have with this bag is that it might look a little "old" for me (i'm 27), but I feel like I could pull it out of the closet 10 years down the road and it would look great, and still chic...

    So if anyone could give me some suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. I don't really have any friends to bounce these ideas around with. They think spending so much on a bag is insane! The easy solution would be to buy them all! I somehow doubt by husband would be okay with that though...
    Also, thanks for reading my incredibly long post! :smile:
  2. I love the look if the tivoli but after seeing them after being worn for a while I would have to go with the alma. I love the pleats on the tivoli but the ones on the sides seem to loose shape and pull out after some use. The alma is a very pretty style and dare I say a LV classic. You just have to be careful about how you spread the bag open, so it does not get a horizontal crease in the middle of the bag. :smile: just my honest opinion as I too have struggled with decisions on both of these bags.
  3. As far as "looks" go...Tivoli GM.

    But I sold mine because it was just too heavy...& I didn't consider the smaller size. Not a big fan of the I'm not much help. :nogood:
  4. Out of your three choices, I like the look of Tivoli PM the best. In fact, I had it once, but let it go because I'm just not a hand-held bag type of girl. I can see where you're coming from, wanting to stick with bags that can "hide" you, I'm the same way. Have you considered the Palermo PM? It has a similar look as the Tivoli, with the zipper pull and pleating, but also offers a long strap for shoulder carrying options. Just a thought...
    Good luck with your decision!
  5. Between those 3, i choose alma.. Get alma pm in epi and buy additional strap. If you want to keep your bag for a loooong time, i suggest you choose the icon one. There are few selections on LV web, you can browse iconic bag from there.
    For alma, i dont think it will look too old for your age, you can choose bright color or black with additional charm, it can be fun. Good luck on deciding. :smile:
  6. For tivoli get the gm...i think pm would be too small. However, I have seen PACKED gm's and they don't look so cute stuffed to the gills.. The pleat starts to look not so pretty. But! That is the better size to wear on the shoulder I believe....if you can at all- try on at the store! Makes a huge diff and you might even leave with something you never considered before (true story :love:)
  7. I like Tivoli GM. I can put on shoulder:smile:
  8. Thanks everyone for the replies!
    I kinda already decided that I am gonna have to make the decision in person. The closest store is about 2 hours away.

    I have looked hard at the Palermo and it's just underwhelming to me. Maybe it's the flat straps I don't like? I'm scared they get all crinkly. I guess because the Tivoli is so feminine, that's what draws me to it? I also really like the Trevi, but at that price point I can get a leather bag. Right now I'm leaning toward the Alma. I'll definitely have to get the strap for it though.

    I'm also probably going to sell my DE Speedy 35 so I can get a DE Speedy B 30 while I'm at the store as well. :biggrin:

    Thanks again y'all!
  9. Seems like I see a lot of Tivolis on resale sites like Yoogis and Elady. I have an Alma (about 10 years old and there were no PM or GM back then to my remembrance). Anyhow, I read yesterday that the Alma now comes in MM size, which is about the size of mine . I LOVE it. So classic and chic. I love the strap and the arm carry. Alma gets my vote!!
  10. I love my Tivoli pm. I agree with an earlier post of the Palermo pm.
  11. I have a pm tivoli and alma in epi. I would suggest go with the alma if you don't want something that "screams LV." Also, I'm not much of a handheld bag girl myself, so I usually use a strap with both (although technically you're not supposed to put a strap on the tivoli :P)
    The alma is a little heavier when you use the strap, maybe because it's leather? Plus you have so many options in regards to color.

    I do love the look of both bags! Good luck with your decision.
  12. epi Alma PM!
  13. Try the epi alma mm if you get chance :smile: I think this size would be perfect for every day essentials as well as being a big enough size for us curvy girls! Although I have the pm and still love it :smile: I eventually just got used to it being smaller than most if my bags
  14. Alma.
  15. alma for sure - so classy!!👍