Help deciding

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  1. I like the dolphin because it looks unique. The colored stone makes it stand out. As for the chain, either one is fine, although I like the faancier one, because the multi.-facet cut makes it would sparkle more.
  2. Well the dolphin is the choice but the necklace I am still looking aroundl; however, your suggestion is very reasonable and promising!
  3. Dont' get the last necklaces, I have several and they pull my hair. I've replaced them so my Lago and Tiffany pendants are both on boo-boo chains.:yucky:

  4. Oh wow, you bought from there before?
    I have a revolution pendant from them and they never pulled my hair. Its really smooth.

    Well I ended up getting a blue dolphine and a few others with that 1st necklace.
  5. I got the items in today, wrapped it in a gift box.
    Gave it to her and haha, the other girls got jealous of my gift.

    Thanks for helping guys the gift turned out to be a great success considering they were asking me where I got it now... haha