Help: Dark silver or metallic black reissue

  1. Ok gals need a bit of help here. Thanks to all you gorgeous and helpful PFers, I have managed to reserve the metallic black (size 226) but seeing all your pics of the dark silver has caused me to waver!

    This will be my first Chanel bag, and I wanted to make sure I got one that was absolutely timeless and practical, hence black. Have only seen that one pic of the metallic black, and so far I'm kind of sold, but the dark silver seems so BEAUTIFUL! Help please!!!
  2. my vote goes to the dark silver. the combination of the color and style is stunning.....
  3. I saw the black metallic in person. You will not be disappointed.:tup:
  4. Do you find it hard to match your clothes to it? I have a lot of black and white in my wardrobe, especially for work. For weekends, I'm mostly in jeans and tank tops... Would it be too dressy?

  5. Yay thanks Mon!! I really needed to hear that it looks good IRL... I was hoping that the picture didn't do it justice..
  6. That picture from Nordstrom Seattle doesn't do it justice at all. It's much more beautiful in real life.:yes:
  7. I have seen them I i love the silver but it is very Blingy i would not wear it as a day bag.
  8. Woohoo thanks for the input girls, reaaally helped me make up my mind on that one. Yeah I need the bag to be absolutely versatile, for both day and night. I don't go to many dinners/corporate events right now, so something less bling which I can carry everyday would probably be more practical for me. :okay:
  9. Hmmm .... The dark silver is alot more attention grabbing. But the black is gorgeous as well and very easy to match with everything.
  10. i personally like the dark silver more, but to be honest, I haven't seen either IRL.
  11. I have the dark silver and am going to get the metallic black reissue when it comes. To be honest, I like I will have both too..

    Sorry I can't really help, since I did not see the metallic black in person, I cannot comment on which one I like more.
  12. I'd say both. ;)
  13. I have not seen both IRL, since I am not a bling bling person....not even on my tshirts (you find alot of that these days)... I am going for the metallic black first... anyways, this metallic black is not the regular black leather, it has a certain kind of 'shine' to it, I believe as the name suggests and from the pic... and this will be my first flap after my baby cabas... so this is my 2 cents...
  14. i'd say go for the metallic black - blingy enough for a night event, but with it being black, it's also classy and understated enough for day-wear. the dark silver whilst lovely seems a little too blingy to be carried in the day time, and much less with it being carried daily, people are going to notice it after the third or fourth time if you're planning on carrying the dark silver daily.
  15. yes I agree with you zerodross. anyway all your comments have really helped me, I am going with the metallic black first. rica I would LOVE to get both but I can't afford it right now!!! have to save for my wedding!:crybaby: