Help! Coach creed defect

  1. I ordered a Soho signature hobo from and it just came yesterday. However, when I was examining the Coach creed inside, I noticed that the letter "N" in "HANDCRAFTED IN CHINA" is transposed! Instead of a correct letter N with the middle line sloping down from top to bottom, the line slopes up from bottom to top. What should I do? Has anyone had this experience? The other N's are all correct and this one is clearly wrong. I'm distressed because I bought this from and it shouldn't have this sort of defect! :confused1:
  2. Can you take a picture?

    Sometimes there are weird things in the creed but i've only seen it once at my store and heard about the wrong number stamped in a bag in another store.
  3. we need pics! i wanna see this!
  4. Take pictures, but you should return it - either to JAX or to a store. If you ever want to sell it someone will probably cry fake because of that issue. It's defective and you should get a good one.
  5. I tried taking several pictures but it was hard to get a clear one. This was the best pic I had. Sorry if it's hard to see.
  6. could you zoom in on just that one word?
  7. sometimes there are defects.

    i think i mentioned already (sorry for those who've read it!) that we found a hampton's hobo with the clip...having coach written on the wrong side!

    if it's just the wouldn't bother me much, but you are bothered even a little, you should bring it in and explain to the SA or manager, i'm sure they would be happy to exchange it for a new one.
  8. Wow, I've never seen an actual defect myself... that would bother me.

    Are you going to take it in for an exchange?
  9. Ok, I guess I have never looked at the stamp that much. Do you plan to sell it? Me personally, I would have never noticed or cared. But then again I dont resell my bags...
  10. Update:
    So I went to the Coach store to exchange it and explained the defect to the SA's. They were curious to see it and thought it was strange. The SA said that I had "good eyes" to have noticed it. Haha. Anyway, I'm having a replacement shipped since they didn't have any in stock. :smile:
  11. glad to hear the outcome was well.
  12. Good for you - I hope they don't resell it. That one should be destroyed. I hope your new bag is perfect!
  13. Let us know if the new one is stamped the same. My guess is it will be. I am sure they are mass produced.
  14. LOL I dodn't htink most people would look. care let alone take the intiative to go to the store