Help choose my first old medium Boy Bag

Chevron or quilted?

  • Chevron

    Votes: 30 44.8%
  • Quilted

    Votes: 37 55.2%

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Nov 18, 2012
I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. Would you pick the chevron with shiny gold or quilted with gold hardware if you had to choose for yourself? Both are calfskin, but the chevron has the “shinier” caviar leather with the sheen. I must have been in Chanel for over an hour debating which one to buy :doh:

The quilted seems more classic in terms of it will be around for many seasons, but the chevron is seasonal and won’t always be around, especially in this combination. Chevron seems more edgy and fun whereas quilted seems safer and more classic.

I’m also torn about hardware. I love the shiny gold and was pretty sure I would hate the look of brushed or antique gold on the boy on myself, but surprisingly the latter looked really good! I see what people mean when they say the brushed or antique gold suits the style of boy bags, but the shiny gold is also so gorgeous. You can see even within the post I keep going back and forth lol. I feel like if there was a quilted boy with shiny hardware I’d buy that in a heartbeat, but there’s no guarantee that combination will be available in the near future.

Both are stunning IRL! Help me choose!!


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canto bight

Feb 10, 2018
Before scrolling down to look at the photos, I thought it would be an easy answer of "chevron" for me. The leather on that quilted is so pretty though that it gave me pause! I ultimately voted for chevron though.


Mar 18, 2015
When it comes to Chanel I always prefer shiny hardware but the Boy bag is the only exception where I find it better suited with the aged/vintage hardware. I can be quite indecisive too and spend over an hour at the boutique contemplating. But btwn these two, I would automatically go for the quilted one on the right. Even at first glance, it’s just more classic and looks perfectly put together with the aged hardware.
The chevron is nice as well but I just don’t think the shiny hardware goes well with this style.
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Jan 27, 2015
Quilted! I like the Boys to be aged hws cos they fit this casual edgy style of the Boy better for me. The shiny gold hw is bolder and pushes the Boy to look dressier. Coco handles on the other hand is an elegant bag, and with the small surface of chain, it looks much better with shiny hws. Just my two cents :smile:. But either way, both are still very safe and beautiful choices :biggrin: